What Is a Storm Door?

Storm doors are an outer or a second door that you place over another exterior door. Storm door frames are made of aluminum, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and steel. They have panels of glass that are sometimes interchangeable with screens. This allows you to use the door in all seasons. In the cold months, you can open the front door to allow in more heat and light. In the summer, you can open the front door to allow the breeze through your home without allowing in troublesome bugs.

Storm Doors

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, storm doors are most useful on homes with front doors that are older but still in good condition. This means that you can extend the life of older doors with the addition of an inexpensive storm door.


  • Flexibility – Storm doors allow you to open your exterior doors to bring in additional light and airflow.
  • Energy Efficiency – Storm doors increase the insulation for exterior doors that are older. This will make your home more energy efficient.
  • Security – Storm doors allow greater visibility to the outdoors if you have a solid front door. This is good for watching children and pets in the yard. It also helps for knowing who is walking up to your front door.
  • Protection – Storm doors protect exterior doors by making them more weatherproof and protecting them from the effects of the sun.


  • Cost – Not every home needs a storm door, so it is an extra cost for purchase and installation.
  • Heat Buildup – If you get more than a few hours of direct sunlight per day at your exterior door, you should not install a storm door. It can cause heat buildup that will damage your exterior door.
  • Not Necessary – If your exterior door is located in a protected area like a porch, you do not need the extra protection of a storm door.
  • Style – Storm doors can be bulky and inhibit the look of a front door.
  • Inconvenience – Storm doors are an extra door that you must open in order to enter your home. This can be inconvenient if you are carrying children or groceries.

There are multiple elements to consider if you decide to buy a storm door: the frame material, the glass type, door style, color, and style of the hardware.

  1. Frame Material – Storm door frames come in multiple materials, but the most popular materials are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Consider the style of the exterior door you are covering, your budget, and the amount of maintenance you want for your storm door. Aluminum doors are more expensive than vinyl storm doors. Wood storm doors require the most maintenance.
  2. Glass Type – The style and quality of the glass in your storm door is an important consideration. You can choose beveled or tinted glass for a more decorative style. The tempered glass increases the weather resilience of your storm door. There are also Low E glass options that reduce the UV and infrared light that comes through the door.
  3. Style – Storm doors have a variety of styles that feature different size glass panes, interchangeable screens, and security options. The most expensive door styles are double storm doors and security doors which feature strong frames and glass. Other pricey options are ventilating storm doors and self-storing storm door options.
  4. Color – Some brands have greater availability of colors that will better complement your outer doors and trim.
  5. Hardware – Some storm doors have just a handle, but others are equipped with more options for security. Mortised hardware is more expensive and difficult to repair, but it is more secure. There are also hardware accessories that allow you to control your door better including pneumatic closers and doorstops.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the cost of buying and installing a storm door?

The cost of storm doors varies based on material and style of the door. According to Home Advisor, the cost of storm doors for 2022 ranges from $100-$1000. The average price to install a storm door is $381. This price can be as low as $183 or as high as $604. Double storm doors are the most expensive storm door option.

Where can I find storm doors for sale near me?

Door options like Anderson storm doors and Emco storm doors are some of the storm doors at Home Depot. Pella storm doors and Larson storm doors are some storm doors at Lowes. Larson storm doors are also available at Ace Hardware. ProVia storm doors are available on their own website.

Does my house need a storm door?

Not every home needs a storm door. For example, if your door is exposed to direct sunlight for a number of hours per day, the heat generated with a storm door could damage your door. Also, if your door is protected by a porch or another kind of overhang, you don’t need a storm door. But, if you need extra security or weather protection you may need a storm door. You can also use a storm door if you want to add more light and airflow into your home.

What is the best looking storm door?

The best looking storm door depends on your taste. For some people, they prefer to see their exterior door beneath the door or maximize their view outdoors. For someone like this, it is best to choose a storm door with a minimalist frame and full pane of glass. Others want to add style to their front door. For these people, a decorative storm door with beveled or stained glass will be a good option.