Vinyl White Screen Door

Screen doors are perfect for any interior and when they are white with nice glass patterns it is even more beautiful and appropriate for modern homes. They are durable enough to resist time, but at the same time they are transparent and let sunlight get through in order to make your home full of natural light, which has only positive effects on us, people. This Vinyl White Screen Door is called Charlestowne and it brings a breath of fresh air in any interior design as it is white and clean, made of vinyl and still very modern looking.

9547f3a6 2289 4597 8f2e 2faef2669ab8 300The door has a white solid-vinyl frame and the resistant plastic material only needs minimal maintenance Even if it is not made of wood, you can still adjust it with all the tools you normally use for a wooden door so as to make it fit the door frame to any room. Besides, this material will not be sensitive to mold or rot and will not fade away in the sun light. On the contrary, it will look great even after a long time, which is not possible with normal doors. The fiberglass screen is great for air circulation, but at the same time does not allow bugs to get in. Each such door is available for $153.00 from Home Depot.