Soho Modern 6 Drawer Dresser

I am not a very organized person, but I do like to keep my belongings in different drawers, depending on size and use. For examples all my socks must be in a drawer, my scarves in another and so on. And since my two kids appeared I realized I need some extra drawers for them, too. This Soho Modern 6 Drawer Dresser seems perfect for my needs as it has six pretty large drawers. It is made of natural solid hardwood and is manufactured in Vermont, USA. You can choose between different kinds of wood and even combine them as you wish.

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The six drawers of the dresser are supported by four sturdy legs that are connected though a nice and resistant wooden frame. This furniture is not very modern, nor is it old-fashioned, but it is characteristic to the middle of the twentieth century. However, many people, myself included, still think this piece of furniture is really useful and appreciate and use it regularly. Plus it looks very well in your bedroom and even living room and is great for storing small items. The manufacturer allows you to customize it any way you like it, so take advantage of this opportunity and purchase it online for a price starting with $2,794.00 .