Snap Pouf in Leather and Fabric from Porada

Porada has its roots deep in the Italian artisan tradition and the belongingness shows in this snap pouf which is available in leather and fabric. The affinity to artisan tradition can be sensed in the manner Porada chooses wood and the way it is clubbed with glass, steel and plastic, courtesy of the modern technology.

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Porada succeeds in giving the old tradition a new dimension by bringing into use hardwoods, lacquers, fabrics such as soft cottons, silks and velvets, luxurious leathers and hides lend linear with squared elements. This particular Snap Pouf is an ideal seating element for modern living spaces craving for luxury. It costs £538.


Stools, poufs or ottomans whatever you want to call them are a great addition to any home. They are relatively comfortable, although I prefer something that can also help me relax my back. But they are great seats, especially when you have guests that need a place to sit on. These Snap Poufs are particularly soft and comfortable. They have a beautiful and modern design with subtle decorations and they come in different colors so you can match them with the décor or create some contrast. They would look wonderful in nay modern home. The price however is a little high, but if you don’t have financial problems, than this is the perfect choice for you.