How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Everyone wants a nice bathroom because everyone wants to have a nice house. The first thing that you should do if you want a nicer bathroom is to make your bathroom look bigger, especially if it is a small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Look Bigger

There are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom look bigger and we are here to outline the best ways to do so. Some of these are super quick and easy while others are not DIY-friendly. So find what works for you.

Basics Of Making A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Mirrored wall for bathroom

There aren’t any set rules for making a small bathroom look bigger but there are many tips that designers can share with you to accomplish your goal. The exact bathroom you have matters and needs to be considered. 

But in general, you can follow our tips and strategies to start making your small bathroom look bigger. Chances are, you’ll notice a difference immediately and people will wonder when you had time to remodel. 

Transparency Is Key

As in, transparent shower walls. Anything you can make transparent will in turn make your room look larger, but in the bathroom, the only place to start is the shower. So replace your shower with one that has transparent walls

Transparency Is Key

This can easily be done by a plumber if you get the shower purchased. Showers like these are easy to come by and quite affordable too. They usually have two walls that are transparent and two that are against the bathroom wall. 

Add A Floor Drain

If you want to really open the shower up then consider doing away with the shower walls altogether and adding a drain to your bathroom floor. This is not an easy task but if you have the money, it can get done.

You need to ensure it is done correctly, so hire a professional. When you finish, you can almost transform your bathroom into a shower where you can shower anywhere without worrying about getting the floor wet.

Brighten Up With Colors

Or at least, brighten up the colors you use in your bathroom. This doesn’t mean you need to use vibrant colors, but rather lighter colors. Dark colors will almost always make a place look smaller than it would with lighter colors.

Brighten Up With Colors

There’s nothing wrong with darker colors if that’s what you prefer, but for the largest looking bathroom possible, opt for lighter colors. This means whites, creams, greys, beiges, and pastels. All lighter shades. 

Brighten Up With Lighting

This is probably the easiest and most important thing you can do. Natural lighting is best but it isn’t necessary. If you do have a window, don’t use dark, thick curtains, but sheer ones or light ones that are semi-transparent. 

If you don’t have windows, then use plenty of lighting that uses the correct type of lightbulbs with natural light feel to them. Lighting will always make a room look larger so make sure to utilize this.

Find Your Metal Finish

Find the metal finish you like and stick with it. Because mix and matching metals only work well in large rooms. In smaller bathrooms, it’s better to stick with a definite finish to ensure everything is cohesive.

Mirrored wall for bathroom

You can definitely experiment with two or more finishes but for best results, try to keep things to one metal finish unless you feel you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it may make the room look smaller. 

One Large Mirror

Having a mirror is important for any bathroom, but picking and choosing the mirror is also important. If you choose a mirror with broken-up parts or one with multiple frames, you may be making the wrong choice.

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Instead, choose one single large mirror and place it over the sink. This will really open up the room because the single mirror will let you see the entire bathroom all at once instead of breaking it up into pieces. 

Live Plants

Get yourself some live plants to really make the most out of your bathroom space. If you need help choosing bathroom plants, it is an odd shopping experience, we have a guide just for you to help you. 

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Consider using hanging plants instead of standing plants if you want to ensure that you have enough space. This can make your bathroom feel better, smell better, look better, and even make breathing easier. 

Clean Floors

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Not just swept and mopped floors, but rather floors that aren’t covered in rugs or anything to break them up. While you may want to add a simple bath mat in front of your shower, too much rug and you can make the room look smaller. 

So try to minimize the use of rugs in your bathroom and if you can get by without using any rugs then do it. Just be careful if you have floors that get slick easily or you may have a slip hazard on your hands. 

Consider A 3/4 Bath

If you feel like your bathroom is too small, then maybe you should consider getting a 3/4 bathroom instead. A 3/4 bathroom is a bathroom with three appliances instead of the standard four of most bathrooms.

You should still have a sink and a toilet, but leave out the shower or the bathtub. This frees up so much room. If you already have a bathroom like this, then you’ve just learned that you have a 3/4 bath! 

Don’t Get Busy

Keep patterns to a minimum if you want to make your space look bigger. Instead of using bright or busy patterns for your shower curtains and towels, instead use solid colors, only using patterns if they are wide patterns. 

This goes for tile too. Instead of using busy tiles, use larger tiles without patterns. Or at least without busy patterns. This can really make a huge difference as the floor is a big part of your bathroom and what the focus is.

Declutter The Room

This is the easiest thing you can do and it can make one of the biggest differences. Declutter your bathroom by removing everything that you don’t use in it and storing everything that you do use somewhere unseen.

It’s okay if you put some stuff back but it’s a good start to start over and get rid of everything that you don’t use. This means displays, wall art, and anything else that isn’t practical. It’s okay for bathrooms to be primarily practical. 

Focal Point

If you want to control how big your bathroom looks, then control where the eye lands. Find something to be the focal point that you really, really like. For example, a piece of wall art or a unique appliance. 

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Instead of cluttering your bathroom up with all sorts of stuff, use one thing that becomes the single focal point. So declutter like mentioned above and add back your favorite thing or spruce up one of the remaining things. 

Floating Everything

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Floating shelves, sinks, and toilets are usually a good start. If you don’t want to do any remodeling, then stick to shelves. But if you want bigger changes, switch out your sink and your toilet for floating items. 

Once you have the whole set together, then you will be amazing at how much room you have. Redo the floors if you need to and everything will look so clean due to all the extra floor space that you’ve made. 

Use The Corner

That corner space should not go to waste. Instead of putting everything against the center of the walls, try putting sinks, vanities, shelves, and showers in the corner, assuming they are made to fit in the corner. 

A shower is the most basic thing to put in a corner because it generally is already made to put there. To save even more space, get a standing shower that has a curved front. Don’t worry, it’s not “cutting corners.” 

Clawfoot Tub

Mirrored wall for bathroom

Clawfoot tubs are a wonderful way to open a space up. Because the rule that lifting the furniture off of the ground always works, even in the bathroom. So if you float the sink and toilet, then add a clawfoot tub.

Just be careful with this combo because floating appliances look modern but clawfoot tubs generally look a bit dated, in a good way. Clawfoot bathtubs give a Victorian vibe so use them wisely with your setup. 

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage isn’t just a fun way to be creative but it can save so much space. Use every nook and cranny that you have to hide storage. Get drawers that slide into the wall or inside the shower hooks. 

Hidden Storage

There are many ways to get creative with your storage but the important part is doing it for a practical reason. So get started by finding the things that need stored out of site and finding a place for them first.

Hiring A Professional

You can hire a design professional any day of the week. The availability depends on where you live and what time of year it is. For example, the beginning of the year is generally difficult because designers are very busy. 

Especially those who specialize in opening up small spaces and organization. Because as the new year turns over, people decide that they need to get their lives together. And what better places to start than at home?