Sleek and Modern Bark Seating Furniture

This is the Bark Seating. It’s an unusual piece of furniture and is part of a rare category. There are few such pieces on the market and most of them feature a contemporary look. You can check some of them out in the articles on our site.

Bark is a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that was designed by Dinar Shamed, a Russian designer with a great eye for style. Bark is an unusual but very versatile piece and it can be used indoors and outdoor without any problems. It’s flexible and versatile and all it needs is space. The dimensions of this product are not specified in its description. The design, however, is visibly spectacular. The shape of the piece is probably the most striking. The Bark Seating was designed for two persons who can use it simultaneously. They would each have their own seat and they would also be able to easily chat as they will be facing each other.

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The design is elegant, modern and attractive. The Bark Seating is also a very comfortable piece. It’s made of wood so it’s not a cozy as a sofa but you can add some comfy pillows to increase your comfort level. The great thing about this item is that it’s so futuristic-looking and it’s also comfortable and versatile in the same time. Besides the two separate seats it also includes a common structure that can be used as a table. It’s great for gardens and terraces.