The Skyline Kitchen Optimizes Functionality In A Simple And Stylish Manner

A kitchen, whether it’s tiny, large, traditional, modern, ornate or simple must always fulfill one condition: it has to be functional. Without this detail it would simply be a room full of items that can’t be used to their full capacity, a room where function and practicality are wasted. Of course, we can’t say that about any of the Snaidero kitchens.

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero

This particular model is called Skyline and it’s easy to see why it got this name. The best way to describe it is as a kitchen where function meets style and where simplicity is at its best. The Skyline kitchen features beautifully shaped worktops with curved lines and fluid forms as well as elegant glass shelves that complement the whole design in a very transparent and yet very efficient manner.

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero1

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero2

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero3

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero4

Despite its limited dimensions, the Skyline kitchen doesn’t neglect the most important detail: storage. The storage spaces are perfectly organized in order to allow the user to have everything at hand. The wide curves and the continuous and fluid design make this compact creation a perfect option for a modern home.

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero5

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero6

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero7

Kitchen skyline 2 0 by snaidero8

In addition to all these great functional details, you’ll be happy to know that the Skyline 2.0 is available in more than 100 colors and finishes so it can be adapted to basically any kind of interior, design and preference.