DIY Single Splatter Vase

Summer is in full bloom what to me means one, very important thing – flowers! I love being surrounded by the sweet blossom, whether it’s a composed stylish bouquet with many colorful heads, or one particular flower displayed on a table. Recently I appreciate very much, single-flower vases ideas, as they are very elegant and sophisticated making the chosen flower really stand out.

DIY Single Splatter Vase
DIY Single Splatter Vase Craft

They work very well, when displayed on the window edge or table centerpiece, so if you know me a little bit, you know I couldn’t wait to make my own design and share it with you! In this project I have combined a few latest trends – single vial glass, cork material and splatter finish, to make it a pretty accessory for any modern home.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Top
DIY Single Splatter Vase Materials

Here’s what you will need :

  • thick cork lid (I used lid of the Ikea water jar)
  • craft knife / drill
  • black spray paint
  • white spray paint or normal paint
  • vial glass
  • pencil
  • paint brush

Here are instructions:

We will start by measuring the diameter of the glass vial, so that we know how big the whole in the cork lid has to be. The best way to do it, is to place the vial glass on top of the lid and and draw a line around it with a pencil.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Step 1

Once we have got our measurements, we can start cutting out the inside of the drawn circle, by using a sharp craft knife.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Cut

Place the glass vial inside to see if it fits – don’t worry if the shape of your hole is not perfect, when you fit the glass vial inside it won’t be visible. Make sure that the vase is fitting tight.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Glass

Take the vial glass out o the cork and paint the cork base with a black spray paint. To cover well the cork, you might need to spray paint it twice to get a smooth effect.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Paint

Wait for the paint to dry well and using a white spray paint or normal paint and a paint brush, add some splatter patter to the black base.The last step involves placing the vial glass inside the base and that’s it! Now your single flower vase is ready so you can enjoy displaying pretty blooms whenever the mood strikes.

DIY Single Splatter Vase Decor
DIY Single Splatter Vase Decor
DIY Single Splatter Vase Decor