15 Cute And Simple Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas is a very joyful holiday loves by everyone. Kids are especially fond of it because of all the presents but that’s not all they should be looking forward to. There’s a whole bunch of cool projects and crafts that you can get them involved in. This way they get to actually enjoy the spirit of Christmas and they get some nice memories associated with this holiday and winter in general. We took some time to look for ideas that we could share with you on this subject and this is what we came up with:

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Paper plate reindeers are easy to make using basic and cheap materials. You need brown paper plates, brown and red cardstock, some black and white paper scraps, a black sharpie pen, glue, scissors and shredded paper (if you don’t have any you can use regular or crepe paper instead and it will just look less textured). What’s really cool about this project is that the reindeer’s antlers are handprints and the kids will surely love to make them. Check out kidscraftroom to find out more details about this project.

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Speaking of cute reindeer, check out these lovely origami bookmarks featured on kidscraftroom. They’re easier to make than you might think, easy enough to let the kids do most of the work. The idea is to fold a piece of brown paper to get this sort of geometric heart shape. You then glue the eyes and the red nose on one half, you draw the mouth with a sharpie pen and at the end you glue on the ear and the antlers.

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This Grinch ornament seems pretty easy to make too. The actual body of the Grinch is just a spoon so you can find one that’s already green it would make things even easier. You can always just paint the spoon green with acrylic paint. For the outfit you’ll need tiny pom-poms, construction paper, cotton fluff, glue (or hot glue) and a black marker. Kids should be able to do most of the work themselves and you can help with the rest or you can actually take some time and relax while doing the whole project yourself. Check out thejoysharing for details.

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You know those advent calendars that have little packages filled with small things for each day of December up until Christmas? It might be fun to make something inspired by that for the kids. You can skip the whole traditional calendar theme and make something more playful and cute instead, like these paper bags that look like gingerbread houses. You could put a little snack in each one or just fill them with whatever you can find. The idea comes from helenalyth.

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Now might be a good time to teach the kids how to use modeling clay in case they’re not already familiar with it. It would be fun to use modeling clay (or air-dry clay) to make some lovely Christmas tree ornaments. It’s a lot like making cookies. The clay is basically white dough and you can even use cookie cutters to give the ornaments fun shapes like stars, Christmas trees and other things. Check out studio-stilla to find out the rest of the details.

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These toilet paper roll crafts featured on thebestideasforkids also seem like a lot of fun so consider saving some of the empty tp rolls in advance so the kids have enough material to work with. The snowman, Santa, elf and reindeer ornaments sure look adorable and a creative mind could even come up with a couple more ideas to add to the list.

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The reindeer puppet greeting cards featured on kidscraftroom are really cute and also easy to make which makes this a great Christmas project for kids. You can either use the templates provided or you can create your own version. In any case, you’re going to need some brown cardstock (it would be nice to have two different shades of brown), some white paper, tiny jingle bells, red and white buttons for the eyes and the nose, red and green ribbon, craft sticks, glue and a marker pen.

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This is a handprint Christmas tree, a project that we found on thebestideasforkids. It seems like a fairly simple and really fun thing to do and it’s a perfect Christmas craft idea for kids. This is what you’re going to need: an empty paper towel roll painted brown, a paper plate painted gold, green cardstock, green, white and red pom-poms, tape, gold glitter paper, red felt and some cardboard. Of course you can change some of the colors for others that you like better if it’s the case.

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The popsicle stick toy soldier ornament is one of out all-time favorite Christmas craft idea. We love it because it’s simple and because the ornament looks really cute and quite accurate. If you or the kids want to make something similar you’re going to need a few supplies: some jumbo craft sticks for the bodies, mini craft sticks for the arms, red, yellow, blue and black acrylic paint, the sponge tip from foam brushes, glue, twine and paintbrushes. You can find more details on firefliesandmudpies.

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The little twig Christmas tree has a charming Scandinavian vibe to it and would be a nice project not just for kids but for adults too. You can make something like this using the following items: a wooden disc for the base, twigs for the trunk and the branches, a snowflake-shaped sequin for the top ornament, a hot glue gun and paint in case you want to paint your tree or parts of it. Check out diys for more details.

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This cute little Santa hat ornament can be made using popsicle sticks,, white cardboard, red paint, white ribbon, white pom-poms and glue. It’s an excellent project idea for kids but you can definitely have some fun with it as an adult too. Enjoy customizing it or adding or adding more special details to it and check out the tutorial on diys.

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We also want to share with you this adorable little pom-pom angel project that’s featured on diys. It’s one of the most adorable things ever and it’s also easy to make, so easy that kids could do it. First, check out the list of supplies needed for one angel ornament:a big wooden bead and a small one, a bit of silver paint, a small paintbrush, pink yarn, black, red and pink marker pens and scissors. Check out the step-by-step instructions and try it for yourself.

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There’s a lot of cute and interesting ways in which to use a pinecone and one caught our eye recently: a pinecone gnome decoration featured on diys. You can definitely customize each gnome in all sorts of different ways, either by giving it different-colored arms and legs or by painting a unique expression on its face. In any case, this project seems like a lot of fun.

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The pom-pom angel ornament we mentioned earlier sure was adorable so here’s a different kind of angel that you might also like. This one is made using an empty toilet paper roll, some paper, a bit of yellow yarn, yellow pipe cleaner and some thin white ribbon. The cute face is simply painted on using marker pens. You can find out all the details on diys. Feel free to also make larger angels if you want to. You can use paper towel rolls for those.

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Finally, here’s yet another beautiful angel decoration that would be just perfect for Christmas. This one has a very delicate look and is made using the following items: a spun cotton ball, black and pink paint, a paintbrush, a glue gun, a dotting tool, a small lace paper doily, white ribbon, pipe cleaners, a clothespin and marker pens. As before, all the details about this project can be found on diys.