Saving space desk idea

Every detail is important for your house so you should consider every piece of furniture before making a decision. The ‘Valcucine Operam’ is created and designed by Gabriele Centazzo. The bookcase is a good combination for your room space, because you fix it one your wall you can put something else below it. Or you can just leave it like that, and the room will have a spacious feel. The bookcase can be composed as wished, is available in 4 heights and in just one depth and can be installed back-to-wall or freestanding to separate environments. A modern combination, the bookcase is perfect for any home design. It comes in a white theme that will make your room a little bit brighter than it already is.

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The dimensions of the are width 1825 mm, 2425 mm; depth 548 mm, 648 mm; height 90 mm. The bookcase is also available in wood (with 10mm thick uprights and shelves) in the back-to-wall version.

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You can also try the table, which you can fix from one side on the wall. The table is perfect for working on your projects, you can use it as a table where you can make different models. Going back to the Bookcase, it is perfect for your books, but you can use it to make different colored arrangements on your wall. It is essential for your home to have a room where you can relax while working, the ‘Valcucine Living project’ brings that to you with the perfect designed bookcase.