The rustic Lodge bar cabinet

A bar cabinet is a very functional and practical piece of furniture, especially for the dining room or living room. They usually have elegant designs so they are more than just storage units. The Lodge bar cabinet is a beautiful piece, with a simple and rustic design and a very functional interior. This elegant wooden piece of furniture would make a wonderful addition to any living room/dining room, regardless of the décor. It’s simple but it’s charming and it has the ability to integrate in a variety of decors, from vintage and traditional to contemporary.

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The Lodge bar cabinet is part of the Lodge Collection and created by Kare. The unit has a wooden construction. The frame is made from plywood and the cover is buffalo leather. The overall dimensions of the cabinet are 0,95 x 0,8 x 0,53 m. It has a compact structure and, when opened, it reveals a beautifully compartmentalized storage space. There’s enough space in there for glasses, bottles and there’s also a drawer for tools.

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Inside the cabinet there’s an integrated wine rack that can hold up to 12 bottles. Additional storage space can be found in the other compartments. The space from the doors is secured with leather straps so the glasses and bottles placed in there won’t fall when you open the doors of the cabinet. The whole piece weights 68 kg when it’s empty. Since it will be much heavier when you fill it, the cabinet was equipped with mobile feet that allow you to easily move it around when needed.