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Change Temperature And The Look Of The Space With A Rustic Ceiling Fan

During the sweltering summer heat, the last thing you’d want is to head back to a hot, suffocating, and stuffy home. Whether you’re lounging on the couch, having a meal, or laying down in bed, it’s a good idea to have a ceiling fan to get the air around your apartment circulating to keep you feeling nice and fresh.

Just because you’re getting a ceiling fan, doesn’t mean that it needs to have a boring aesthetic. If you already have a rustic look in your space, or you’re looking to create that homely rustic look, we’ve curated a list of some of the best rustic ceiling fans to get you started.

1. Blade Standard Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain and Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

This particular ceiling fan will add a touch of traditional flair to your humble abode. The blades are crafted from manufactured wood with three Edison-style LED bulbs dangling from the fan. These bulbs add a rustic farmhouse design as well as a modern appeal to your space. When purchasing the fan, you’re able to take your pick between a pull chain or a three-speed remote control, and the fan also comes with a quiet reversible motor for your convenience. It’s a gorgeous fan at a competitive price and can easily match the aesthetic of most spaces.

2. Fairmead 5 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

This 5-blade ceiling fan has a uniquely elegant design and is crafted impeccably to create an extraordinary ceiling fan. It has some metalwork attached to the fan, with the fan blades constructed with an intricate shape. The bulb is encased in a clear hammered glass and will bring a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space. What’s great about this fan is that it’s suited to outdoor spaces, comes with remote control for easy operation, and can be dimmed for various occasions. As the fan moves, it’ll also create a light pattern that’s both gorgeous and relaxing.

3. Bohner 3 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote, Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

Who said ceiling fans had to be boring? This popular ceiling fan has a three-blade design along with a distinct profile that’ll deliver some great airflow for any space. This lovely contemporary-looking fan is made with hand-carved balsa wood blades that are perfect for any modern space. The fan also has an integrated LED light that’s carefully designed and consists of the best quality chipsets for fantastic performance and reliability. It’s also energy star qualified and can be used in outdoor spaces as it’s damp rated. For your convenience, it also comes with a hand-held remote with dimmer functionality, six speeds you can choose from, and more.

4. Wilburton 5 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote, Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

With warm summer days, the perfect addition to any living space is an on-trend fan that’ll keep you cool while also delivering a touch of style. Each of these five wood blades are individually manufactured and comes with a metal base. Attached to the fan are three candle lights that come with a set of bulbs to keep your space bright. The metal globe that encases the candle lights is industrial-inspired and will add a modern farmhouse style to any living area. The fan is also suited to outdoor locations and comes with remote control.

5. Mcdaniels 3 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote, Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote


Fancy a three-blade LED ceiling fan that comes in an espresso color with walnut blades? With its attractive homely look, this is a fantastic ceiling fan to add to any room. The fan has an integrated bulb that you’re able to dim according to your preferred brightness. The fan itself also comes with six different speeds that you’re able to adjust from the remote control. Even while circulating air, this fan is supremely quiet so you won’t have to worry about it waking you in the middle of the night.

6. Mcdaniels 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote, Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

This fan has the perfect combination of a chrome body finish paired with a light oak- colored blade finish that’s crafted with solid wood material. Its remote control operated, has dimmable functionalities along with reversible blades. The bulb is integrated within the fan and has six different speeds so you can select your preferred temperature. It’s a beautiful fan that’ll fit nicely into different spaces and can even add to any coastal aesthetic as the blades are reminiscent of larger boat oars. Installing the fan isn’t too difficult, and you’ll be rewarded with a lovely breeze especially on those sticky summer nights.

7. Wilburton 3 Blade Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

Searching for a fan with a charming style? It can’t get any more special than this. This sleek and stylish fan has a striking aesthetic due to its caged fan design. Within, there’s an LED light and the fan has a metallic gray finish with a chestnut-colored blade finish. It’s crafted with manufactured wood and looks fantastic when hung over both indoor and outdoor spaces. The fan does have a dimmable feature, and it also comes with a remote control for easy adjustment. Adding this fan to any space will just help with its overall character, and there’s nothing quite like getting some air flowing on a warm day.

8. Glasgow Enclave 7 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote, Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

Give your space a breath of fresh air with this intricately designed seven-blade ceiling fan. It comes with a caged design and is completely crafted in metal. It’s well-suited to indoor locations and comes with a bulb, dimming functionality along with a remote control to adjust the speeds. While the fan may be non-reversible it comes with numerous other features from its pull-out transmitter, three different speeds, and industrial-chic design that’s unlike any other fan on this list. It’s great for any decor ranging from rustic to modern and can be fitted in any living area from bathrooms to bedrooms.

9. Abbigail 5 -Blade LED Caged Ceiling Fan Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

This gorgeous caged fan has a bronze-colored fan body finish and is made with metal. The blade finish has a brown color, and it’s constructed with manufactured wood. The blades are reversible, and this fan is great for indoor locations. There’s a dimmable functionality, and a remote control to adjust the speeds. The five-wood grain textured blades mean that you’ll have maximum air movement, and there are two different colors on each blade – farmhouse barn wood on one, and lighter driftwood on the other. The fan can be operated with a pull chain switch, and it comes with a three-speed motor.

10. Centre Market Place LED Standard Ceiling Fan and Light Kit Included

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote


Suited for larger rooms, this fan has a total of eight-blades to provide some solid airflow to bigger spaces. The blade is crafted with both solid and manufactured wood – specifically Poplar wood. The light is perfectly integrated within the fan for a sleek, homely design that’s gorgeous. Since it has eight blades, the fan’s also larger than a normal ceiling fan and will add a wonderful presence to any room. Other features of the fan include reversible blades, dimmable functionality, and is suited for indoor locations. It also comes with a remote control for easy adjustability.

11. Satin Brass with Flat Black

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

For those that have rooms with a modern aesthetic, this ceiling fan is sure to stand out with its satin brass and flat black design. The fan itself is crafted with metal, and the blade has a flat black and mesquite-colored finish. It’s made of manufactured wood and comes with a total of five blades. Suited for indoor use, it comes with reversible blades, has dimmable functionality, and can be adjusted with a remote control. With its higher airflow efficiency, it’s suited to larger spaces and is sure to make a statement with its distinctive aesthetic.

12. Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

Lesure 6 Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote

Last on the list, we’ve got a ceiling fan that’s constructed with gilded iron and driftwood with a toasted oak color. It has a modern aesthetic that also has a rustic feel – perfect for sprucing up any space. The fan comes with reversible blades, dimmable functionality, and a remote control. The light’s integrated within the fan for a sophisticated and modern design, and there’s great versatility with this fan due to its dual-sided blades. While it’ll fit nicely in a loft, it’s also great for a living room or bedroom area.