Roscoe Clock Bronze

I need to have a watch or to keep my eyes on the clock all the time because I am, just like most people nowadays, always on the run. I have things to do and places to go according to a schedule and that is why time is very important to me. So I made sure I have a watch on my wrist and at least one clock placed in a visible spot in my home. But I also wanted to bring something fresh to my home, to accessorize it in a pleasant way, so I chose a very beautiful clock that can very well be used as a home accessory, just for design and not for its main purpose – telling the time. This is the Roscoe Clock Bronze.

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This cock is bold and sophisticated in style and it surprises you at first sight, but it also delights you. It looks like an explosion inside a round piece of board, as it shows a bunch of little sticks arranged in a radial position from the center, looking pretty interesting. It is made of dark small and narrow pieces of wood put together, having just two silver arms. There are no dots nor numbers on the clock surface, but since human mind is already used to their position, you can tell the time without any effort whatsoever. The bronze finish of the clock only completes its general picture and makes it stylish. The clock has 24″ in diameter and is available for $130.