Repurposed Clothespins – A Funky Trend For DIY Projects

What else is there to do with clothespins except hang clothes? When you’re a DIYer you can always come up with at least one other way to use something as common as that.

Repurposed Clothespins

In this case, there are quite a few options regarding the repurposing of wooden clothespins. Use them to craft cute and useful accessories for your home or to make unique housewarming gifts for someone close to you.

Flower-shaped trivet made of wooden clothespins

Colorful clothespins trivets

You may have enjoyed playing with clothespins as a kid and arranging them into flower-like structures or building robots with them. You can remember those fun times when putting together a trivet out of wooden clothespins.

You’ll need around 24 of them for one trivet. You can paint them if you want but before this you need to take them apart. You’ll then be arranging them to form a circle, gluing them together as shown on Dreamaliitlebigger.

Half-clothespin trivet design

Creative Trivets from Clothespins

You can also find out how to make clothespin trivets from Freshdesignpedia only here you’ll also find a bunch of other great ideas for repurposing these common household items.

For example, you could make ornaments for your Christmas tree, lanterns, bowls and even a chandelier. As you’ll find out, clothespins are very versatile, especially the wooden ones.

Cute clothespin Christmas ornament

French Hens Ornament from Clothespins

Since we mentioned you can use clothespins to make Christmas ornaments, let’s have a more detailed look at this idea. We found this cute design on Firefliesandmudpies.

To make the ornaments featured here you need wooden beads and clothespins, ribbon, glue and scissors. Attach a small bead to the top of a larger bead and then repeat this two more times. Cut nine strips of ribbon and attach them to the back of your bead chickens, three for each. Then glue these to the side of a pin.

A clothespin hanger for scarves

Scarf hanger from Clothespin

For your scarf collection, you can make a clothespin holder. It’s a simple project which you’ll make the most of for a long time.

If you like the design suggested on DIYs, you can create something similar using around 10 clothespins, a piece of balsa wood, some wood glue, latex paint and adhesive strips. Mount this on your entryway wall or attach it to the back of a wardrobe door.

Clothespin planters for your herbs

Indoor Clothespin Planters

If you have an indoor herb or if you plan on adding one to your home, consider these beautiful planters as inspiration. They’re featured on Thecopperanchor and they’re easy to make.

All you need is some tuna cans, clothes pins, a dark walnut stain marker and oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Color all the pins with the marker and then just clip them to the cans. Use them as planters.

Individual clothespin tags

Christmas Gift Tag from Clothespin

You can also use clothespins individually as tags. For instance, you can turn them into gift tags. Personalize each one using a pencil and a sharpie. First sketch the design or message with a pencil and then outline it with the marker. You can also paint the clothespins if you want. {found on nur-noch}.

Customizable gift tag idea

Clothespin gift tags

Clothespin gift tags are extremely easy to make and they look pretty beautiful, adding a cute element to your holiday gifts. You don’t have to think too much about the design. A simple “To” and “From” are enough so just write them with a permanent marker on the pins. {found on deliacreates}.

Chalkboard clothespin markers

Markers from clothespin

Another method you can use if you want to make clothespin markers is described on Mottesblog. The materials needed for the project include wooden clothespins, acrylic paint and blackboard paint. You’ll also need a paint brush and a chalk marker. You can either take apart the pins to paint them or just dot hat without disassembling them.

Oversized clothespin holder

Clothespin Card Holder

Another idea is to use oversized wooden clothespins as photo card holders. Decorate them with multicolored paint in pastel shades.

On Dreamgreendiy you can see how the design would turn out. Of course, you can use another palette of colors or a different pattern. You should first paint the pins white to create a background for the other colors.

A cute photo gallery

Hanging kids art with clothespin

Instead of painting the clothespins, you could decorate in some other way. For example, you can use beads. Check out Aliciasivert for inspiration. To create something similar you’ll need yarn, wooden clothespins, large and small beads, scissors and a needle. Follow the instructions and enjoy your new photo gallery.

Halloween-themed clothespins

Halloween Snak Tags

Depending on the occasion, you can decorate the clothespins in all sorts of interesting ways. For Halloween, for example, you can make a bunch of themed snack tags.

All you need is paint and perhaps also a permanent marker. You can paint the pins with black and white stripes or give them spooky faces. Find more ideas on Popcornandchocolate.

Burlap clothespins with flower decorations

Burlap Clothespins

We found these burlap clothespins on Ribbonsandglue and we think they look really chic and stylish. You could use them as tags or as decorations around your home. They’d also make great clips for open bags in the kitchen. The pins were first covered with burlap paper and then a paper flower and a button were glued on each one.

Painted clothespins with patterns

Decorated clothespins

You can have a lot of fun decorating wooden clothespins. It doesn’t really matter what you plan to use them for. In fact, you don’t even have to repurpose them.

In any case, check out all these cute patterns featured on Colormestyled. They’re created with paint pens and they’re just a few examples or the many funky and interesting designs which you can come up with.

Artistic clothespin makeover

Colorful Art Clothespins

If you want, you can even turn a bunch of wooden clothespins into works of art. Get your collection of watercolor paints and get creative.

You can paint abstract patterns using a mixture of colors. There’s no need for a template since you can simply come up with something unique right on the spot. This idea comes from Journeycreativity.

Starburst mirror frame made of clothespins

Gold Starburst Mirror

The usual method used to craft starburst mirrors involves wooden skewers but wooden clothespins can also be an option. You can spray paint these gold and then glue them to the edge of a round mirror. It’s a simple project and you can find out all about it from the tutorial featured on Design-fixation.

Star decorations made of bamboo clothespins

Christmas Ornaments Clothespin Stars

Clothespins can also be used to make festive ornaments and decorations such as these lovely stars which can be displayed in the Christmas tree. The stars are featured on Scissorsandspoons. They’re made using bamboo clothespins, a hot glue gun, gold ribbon, glass gems and scissors. Using this as inspiration you can come up with other interesting designs.

A clothespin Christmas tree

Christmas Tree from Clothespin

You can even make a Christmas tree out of wooden clothespins. You’ll need quite a few of them so make sure you have plenty. One idea is to use clothes hangers. Attach clothespins to three hangers and then display them with a star on top. This design idea comes from Thebottomsupblog.

Festive 4th of July wreath

DIY american flag wreath from clothespin

For the 4th of July you can make a festive wreath. You’ll need around 60 wooden clothespins as well as a wire wreath frame, red, white and blue spray paint and foam star stickers. Divide the clothespins into three equal piles and spray paint them using the three colors. Then attach the pins to the wreath, following the pattern on Thehappyflammily.

Clothespin card holder

Christmas Cards for Wall

For your Christmas cards you can make a clothespin card holder. If you like the design suggested on thechillydog then you’ll need 18 clothespins, a wooden dowel, 19 wooden beads, a picture hanger, a hammer, fabric dye and adhesive. Soak the clothespins in the dye mixture and then let them dry. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the project.

Pin board made of cardboard and clothespins

Make a cute pin Board

Make a cute pin board out of a cork coaster and a bunch of wooden clothespins. You’ll also need yellow spray paint in order to make the board look like a sun. use a hot glue gun to attach the pins to the coaster. You can then hang your new decoration using some cord. {found on johannarundel}.

Colorblock clothespin makeover

Colorblock clothespin clips

To give your clothespins a simple and chic look, you can use a color blocking technique. Pick two colors that look beautiful together and a paintbrush. To get straight lines and a clean look you should use tape. Put a small strip of paint on the pin and paint over it and continue to the end of the pin. Paint the other section with a different color. {found on lovelyindeed}.

Customized clothespin clips

Declutter Shutter Organized

If you plan on using clothespins as clips for chips bags or other things you might as well customize them. An interesting idea is to glue scrabble tiles on each pin.

This can make organization easier, helping you declutter your home with style. Before you glue the tiles on you can first paint the clothespins or cover them with patterned washi tape. {found on thegingerlifeblog}.

A glittery makeover

Glittered Clothespins

Obviously, you should feel free to customize your clothespins however you want. Let’s say you like things that sparkle and glitter. In that case you might enjoy the project featured on Classyclutter which shows you how to make glitter glass clothespins. You need gold spray paint, glue and glitter glass.

Clothespin magnets for the fridge

Magnet ClothesPin

Every once in a while there’s something that you’d like to display on the fridge and for those moments you could make yourself some cute clothespin magnets. Here’s what you’ll need: paint chip circles, flat button magnets, glue and wooden clothespins. Glue the paper circles onto the magnets and then the magnets onto the pins. {found on realpurdy}.

Tiny clothespin dolls

Yarn Clothespin

These little dolls featured on Blitsycrafts are both creepy and cute. They’re made out of wooden clothespins and using colored yarn, pom poms, googly eyes, glue and scissors.

The pom poms are the heads so glue two eyes on each one and then glue that to the top of the clothespin. After that, wrap yarn around the clothespin to give it a shirt, dress or pants, depending on how you want to dress up your clothespin people.

Two-tone clothespin wall art

Clothespin candle holder

If you’re unsure where to start from when incorporating clothespin into your projects, try something simple like arranging a bunch of them in a circle.

The first thing you need to do is disassemble the clothespins and if you want to customize your design you should also paint them. Check out this two-tone clothespin wall art piece from diys if you need some inspiration.

Clothespin napkin holder

Clothespin candle holder

This is a nice idea for a project if you happen to have a few broken clothespins because you don’t need them to be intact. In fact, you have to take them apart before you can use them.

You’re looking at a cute napkin holder which can be customized and decorated in all sorts of different ways so get creative with your design. Check out the tutorial on diys for more details.

Cute storage bucket decorated with clothespins

Clothespin candle holder

Need something cute to store your hair brushes in or to just organize a few things around the house? Consider making something from scratch, like this rustic clothespin storage bucket.

You only need a few things for it like a plastic flower pot, a few wooden clothespins (the one with a metal spring), some paint (optional), a hot glue gun and a piece of lace or fabric (burlap could look nice too).

Clothespin tower lamp

Clothespin candle holder

That’s right, you can make a cute lamp from scratch and it’s actually easy. This one has a really cool-looking shade which is made out of wooden clothespin pieces. Inside there’s a string of lights wrapped around an empty paper towel roll. Use battery-operated string lights if you don’t want wires sticking out or if you want more flexibility.

A cute clothespin for each day of the week

Clothespin candle holder

We really like these little clothespin organizers which are labeled so each one represents a day of the week. Of course, you can also label them in other ways if you want to use them as organizers. You can either make custom labels and glue them onto the clothespins or use paint or markers. Check out this tutorial on thecottagemarket for more ideas.

Starburst picture holder

Clothespin candle holder

This is definitely one of the easiest projects you can do with clothespins. All you have to do is take a bunch of them and clip it onto a circular piece of cardboard so they’re facing the exterior.

You can of course paint or decorate them in any way you want. Then simply add a few pictures and use the clothespins to clip them around the outside circle.

Cute hanger with chalkboard

Clothespin candle holder

This is meant to be a cute little teacher gift that you can make with the kids but you can of course personalize it and turn it into a decoration for your own home if you want to. It’s made from a small chalkboard and a few little clothespins attached to the bottom. You can find the tutorial for this project on madincrafts.

Clothespin candle holder

Clothespin candle holder

It’s so inspiring to see something as cute and beautiful as this candle holder being made out of super simple everyday items. This started out as an empty metal can and just by clipping a bunch of wooden clothespins around the rim it quickly transformed into something completely different, a beautiful little decoration.