Reclaimed Wood Shelves for Eco-Stylish Interiors

Open shelves are very practical and they’re often used in interior design. They’re great for both storing and displaying all sorts of objects, from artwork to collections and books. This type of shelving is very versatile but, being so simple, there’s not much you can do when it comes to personalizing it or giving it character. Reclaimed wood or pallet shelves, however, manage to solve the problem. Not only that they have a special charm, but they look great in just about any kind of décor and in any room of the house.

Kitchen shelves.

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Make the most of the space available with open kitchen shelves

Don’t waste valuable counter space for decorative items. That’s what shelves are for
Install the shelves where you need them more just as over the prep area
Open shelves let you store and display items in a very practical way

In the kitchen, open shelves are very practical for storing and displaying things like glasses, plates, spice jars and even decorative items.They stay organized and they’re easy to find and grab whenever needed.

Very useful in the laundry room.

Use baskets or boxes to better organize the things that need storage

In the laundry room, there are lots of things that need to be stored and you can’t afford to waste valuable floor space for that and neither to occupy the room with lots of cabinets. So maintain a simple and airy design by using open shelves. They’re great for storage and they can be installed anywehre you want.


The advantage of having shelves instead of a bookcase is that you can control their design
Start with one or two shelves and add some more if the collection gets bigger
The reclaimed wood shelves look great on the brick wall
Aside from books, you can also display things like old vinyls and other collectables

Most commonly, open shelves are used for storing and displaying books and book collections. It’s a very practical thing to do. The shelves let you organize the books into categories. Bookcases do the same thing but they take up floor space. So, if you want to save some space, try suspended shelves instead.

Display collections and artwork.

You can combine your interests and create an eclectic display
If you wish to display several collections, you can organize them into clusters

Another thing open shelves are commonly used for is displaying collections and artwork. Depending on what you wish to display, you can decide the design, shape and size of the shelves. A large collection will require a large portion of a wall which will be most likely dedicated for that while small collections of separate pieces can fit on already existing shelves.


If you have the time and passion for this kind of things, then making your own shelves is a wonderful idea. Not only that you get to decide the dimensions, finish and design, but you can actually make something which you’ll be using for a long time.

Making a few shelves is relatively easy but there are some things to take into consideration. First you have to get the wood. If you decide to use reclaimed wood, then you’ll have to cut it to size. Sand the boards and then stain them or, if you’re happy with the color, apply sealer.

After that, it’s time to install the hardware. In this particular case, black metal pipes was used in order to give the shelves an industrial feel. Once the brackets are assembles, all you have to d is mount the shelves to the wall. Make sure they are level. You can use painter’s tape to get it right from the first try.{found on pigandpeacock}.

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