Real or Artificial Christmas Tree This Year? – Pros And Cons

Every year just before Christmas we all ask ourselves: “Should I get a real tree this year or should I get an artificial one?”. Some people think that Christmas is nothing without a real tree that smells like winter and has a magical presence and what not. Others, however, think that an artificial tree is more practical. The truth is that each of these two options comes with pros and cons. To make it easier for you to make a decision this year, we’re going to analyze them all.

Real Christmas Trees.

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Real tree are recyclable. They can be recycled into mulch and then used in landscaping and gardening or they can be chipped and turned into wood.

Real Christmas tree sold all over the world help employ hundreds of thousands of workers so it’s a profitable business.

Christmas trees are grown specifically so they can be sold on this holiday and the rest of the year they provide us with oxygen and offer shelter for wildlife. For every tree cut down, one or two are being planted in its place in the spring.

Real Christmas tree have a wonderful smell and they make the whole house feel fresh.

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Real Christmas tree cost a lot and, if you compare this to the cost of an artificial tree which you only buy one and then use year after year, it’s not a profitable investment.

Real trees are also high maintenance. They need water constantly and they drop needles on the floor.

Also, in some areas of the globe it’s very difficult to find real Christmas trees because of the climate.There are areas where coniferous trees don’t grow so they have to be transported from elsewhere.

Artificial Christmas Trees.

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Buying an artificial tree is more convenient. They’re a great investment which you get to enjoy and use year after year.

Artificial trees are low maintenance. They don’t need watering and they don’t drop needles.

Transporting an artificial tree from the store to your home is not an issue. They can be packed and ready to go in no time.

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Artificial trees are made from PVC plastic and they be harboring lead which can spread inside your home. Also, PVC plastics release dioxins over time and they are toxic to both humans and animals.

PVC is a non-biodegradable material so once you throw away the tree it will stay there forever.

Artificial trees can’t be recycled because the plastic fibers are fused with glue to the frame.

Artificial trees are a fire hazard and they’re more dangerous in a fire than real trees.

Given all these facts, it’s up to you to decide which type of tree you prefer. After all, it’s all about preferences and lifestyle.