Creative Homemade Propagation Station Ideas For Your Plants

Plants, just like animals, can multiply. That means if you have a beautiful houseplant that you really like and you wish you should share it or have more of its kind, chances are you can set up a propagation station to make that happen. Plant propagation is a technique used to grow new plants from existing ones.

 Propagation Station

Usually this is done by taking cuttings, stems or leaves from existing plants and placing them in water where they grow roots. Some plants are different and grow their own baby plants in which case all you have to do is remove these and replant them. Here’s a few ideas of how you can set up your own propagation station:

How to make a simple test tube propagation station

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

One of the things you need when creating a propagation station is a series of small containers that can be filled with water. These can be glasses, jars or something a bit more interesting like test tubes. Test tubes are great because they’re small and they look really clean and stylish. You can have multiple tubes in one propagation station and it can be small enough to fit on your windowsill. If you like this design, check out bybrittanygoldwyn for a tutorial on it. 

Cute propagation station featuring cylindrical latch jars

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

These cylindrical latch jars are quite similar to test tubes which makes them perfect for a small propagation station like the one featured on bybrittanygoldwyn. This design uses 5 of these cylindrical jars and a piece of wood which is used for the frame. If you’re doing this from scratch make sure you also have some tools like a Miter saw, a drill and some clamps. 

Small windowsill propagation station

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

This little propagation station has a super simple design and is one of the easiest to make. Instead of a frame that surrounds it it only has a stylish base that the three tubes can fit into. You can make this base out of some leftover wood but other materials can also work (cork sheets for example). The important part is to drill holes that match the diameter of your tubes or jars so they can sit up straight. Head over to hearthandvine for more details. 

Wall-hanging propagation station

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

Not enough space on your windowsill for a propagation station? No worries, there are alternatives. One particularly interesting idea is to make a wall-hanging propagation station. This idea comes from a post on reddit and is absolutely brilliant. It’s made using small glass vases that have a flat back and a birch branch. The vases are hanging from the underside of the branch where three small hooks are installed. This make it easy to remove them and change the water regularly. 

Magnetic propagation station with bottles

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

Another really cool idea is to make a magnetic propagation station. This original design comes from Tina Le and requires basic and inexpensive materials that you can find at the Dollar Store such as a pizza pan, some spray paint, small magnets, a luau skirt and some small travel bottles. Be sure to check out the video tutorial to see how it’s made. 

A hanging propagation bowl

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

This sort of design is really useful if you’re trying to maximize your window space or if you don’t have a windowsill. The idea here is to use a bowl, a planter or a jar as an individual propagation station and to hang it from the ceiling or from a wall via a woven planter hanger which you can make out of some yarn or rope. Check out the original post about this on reddit

A multiple test tube propagation station

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

This propagation station can hold 8 test tube vases which means you can multiply a bunch of plants at the same time. Also, it’s small enough to fit on your windowsill and stylish enough to look great on your counter, console table or even on your desk. To make it you need some 4×4 scrap wood (2×4 can also work), some 50ml test tubes, sanding discs, clear wood finish, a drill and a table saw. You can check out the full tutorial on jenwoodhouse for more details. 

A snake plant propagation station

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

The Snake Plant (also known as Devil’s Tongue, Mother in Law Tongue or Sansevierias) is very easy to propagate and a really great and versatile indoor plant. You can multiply them by cutting off a healthy leaf near its base, making a notched upside down V cut at the bottom and then placing the leaf in a jar of water. since the leaves can have different sizes, a propagation station for Snake Plants could be composed of several glass jars of different shapes and sizes. Check out apieceofrainbow for more info about plant propagation. 

Banana hanger propagation vase

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

Looking for a fun an interesting way to display a small vase? How about using a banana hanger? In this tutorial from jenniferrizzo you can get an idea of how this is done and what the end result might look like. The hanger was decorated with rope to give it a nice texture and the wooden base was kept as such for contrast. You can use this design idea to make a unique propagation station for your favorite plants. 

Hanging light bulb vases

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

It’s a bit tricky to convert these lightbulbs but it’s all worth it because these little vases look so amazing. It’s a super cool idea if you want to make a propagation station for your plants or just some decorative little vases or planters that you can hang around the house. Mix and match different sizes and enjoy adding your own twist to this project. You can find out the basics in this tutorial from feeistmeinname

Macrame propagation station idea

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

This is not necessarily something that can be applied to propagation stations only but also to planters in general. Macrame string was used here to create a woven hanger for a trio of glass vases. They’re all hanging from a tree branch and the geometric pattern created a beautiful backdrop for the entire thing. Check out this design and many more like it on pinterest.

Propagation station using repurposed bottles and containers

Propagation Station using upcycled glass containers

Don’t let a project discourage you because it uses a type of container that’s not available to you. There’s lots of ways to make a unique and interesting propagation station using whatever glass containers you can find, like bottles, jars, vases and so on. You can even combine and mix and match these. As for how to display them, consider simply hanging them with some string from a regular wall-mounted hanger. This instagram post by kb-abode is very inspiring in this sense.