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Gorgeous Plant Shelf Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From

Growing plants indoors has proven to have a number of benefits. Keeping plants alive sometimes requires discipline, and caring for a plant can teach you a lot about that. When you’re proud of the plants you grow, you want to showcase them in an orderly and beautiful fashion, and plant shelves can go a long way in helping with that.

Plant Shelf Ideas

Today’s topic is focused on delivering some cool plant-shelf ideas so that you can create your own indoor green space.

Top 3 Picks

Most versatile: SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

Due to the generous amount of shelves and the neutral bamboo wooden tone of the structure, this plant stand can be used to organize the pantry or store towels and toiletries, as well as display your plants.

Best for outdoors: Red Barrel Studio® Round Plant Corner Shelf

With quality and sturdy metal construction, this corner shelf can easily decorate your balcony or patio, while successfully facing the natural elements.

Customer’s choice: COPREE Store Potted Plant Stand

“We recommend this product highly if you’re looking for a good looking, well made, easy to assemble, sturdy plant stand.” (Customer review)

Why You Need a Plant Shelf

Plant shelves are ideal for plant lovers, especially when you want to showcase the beauty of your greenery. Some plant shelves are constructed from weather-resistant materials, meaning you can use them outside if need be. Plant shelves are also a great way to save space because some models come with multiple tiers that allow you to place a variety of plant pots.

They are also considered to be a space-saving measure because, even if you don’t choose tiered shelves and only use stands that can hold a single pot, it can still save up floor space.

Constructed from solid materials, these products are practical just as they are stylish. Made from a variety of materials, plant shelves and stands can be as simple as a wooden plant ladder or as intricate as a metal stand with a mosaic-style tabletop. Aside from being sturdy, they are easy to clean too!

Types of Plant Shelves

Plant shelves are one of those product categories that haven’t been specifically labeled, so identifying main types might be a little more complicated. However, when you scout the market for plant shelves, here are some of the products you’re likely to come across:

  • Ladder plant shelves have a pretty intuitive design when you think about their name. These shelves are positioned just like a ladder, with multiple tiers that can be of identical or different sizes. Generally speaking, ladder plant shelves have tiers that allow you to place a variety of pot sizes, but they usually have larger shelves on the bottom and they get smaller and narrower as they reach the top side of the structure. There are certain ladder shelves out there with a foldable design, so if you ever want to move them around or get them out of the way, that should be pretty simple.
  • Plant stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are usually made from materials such as wood, metal, or glass. They vary in size, which means that you can find stands suitable for large pots, while some are smaller and can hold smaller pots because of that. There are plenty of ingenious plant stand designs, with plenty of DIY online tutorials that will teach you how to make your own.
  • End tables can also be used as plant shelves. Some are designed specifically for plants, while others are just regular end tables that users have converted to plant shelves. They are usually a different category than plant stands because, while the latter can come in various heights, end tables are usually the same height as a sofa. They are made from strong materials and can hold a variety of pot sizes, depending on the tabletop size.

Plant Shelf Ideas That Are Perfectly Styled

Hyrum Shelf Plant Shelf Stand

Hyrum Shelf Plant Shelf StandView in gallery

The first suggestion for today is a shelf plant stand that comes with three tiers suitable for storing all kinds of plants. It’s made from a metal frame and glass shelving, but note that the design is somewhat peculiar, as the middle and top shelves have an open structure, which allows you to place larger plants when needed. The metal is powder-coated, which makes it corrosion-resistant and sturdier overall. This multifunctional stand can also be used for showcasing other objects as well, such as books, decorations, toys, or whatever you feel would look good with your plants.

Claireville Multifunctional Shelf Flower Plant Display Stand

Claireville Multifunctional Shelf Flower Plant Display StandView in gallery

Measuring 55.5″ H x 45.5″ W x 12.5″ D, the Chaireville plant stand offers quite a generous amount of space. In fact, you can consider this to be an open bookshelf… for plants! It’s made from bamboo and available in a natural wood color. It comes with shelves distributed across five tiers, with each shelf supporting a total of 88 pounds.

3 Tier Quarter Round Plant Corner Shelf Plant Stand Outdoor

3 Tier Quarter Round Plant Corner Shelf Plant Stand OutdoorView in gallery

For those of you looking for a sturdy outdoor plant shelf, we have this one from Red Barrel Studio to talk about. It comes with three tiers and a ladder-style construction that offers a large shield on the bottom, a medium-sized one in the middle, and a small one at the top. It’s shape makes it perfect for corners, so if you wanted to place a few pots in your patio corner, this might be the right product to buy. It’s made from powder-coated metal, so durability shouldn’t be an issue here.

Indoor Outdoor 5-Tier Shelves Patio Plant Holder

Indoor Outdoor 5-Tier Shelves Patio Plant HolderView in gallery

This is one plant shelf that we’re absolutely in love with. Also made by Red Barrel Studio, this plant holder comes with shelves distributed on five levels, offering you an asymmetrical and gorgeous way of displaying your greenery. It is made from metal and has a sleek black finish and intricate curves that make one good looking plant stand. With its narrow design, this is a great space-saving product for balconies and small rooms.

Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand

Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant StandView in gallery

Made from bamboo, this is a plant ladder system that we can totally get on board with. It consists of three shelves that go from large to small, offering loads of variety when it comes to the size of the plants that you can place on this. At the top of the structure, you have a wooden rod that’s excellent for hanging plants. The adjustable and foldable design of this ladder shelf has four hole positions so that you can adjust the space between the shelves as needed.

Augosta 3 Tier Wood Plant Stand

Augosta 3 Tier Wood Plant StandView in gallery

Another gorgeous plant stand that we absolutely love has vintage vibes but a design that makes it suitable for rustic and contemporary homes alike. It’s made entirely out of wood and has a ladder-style design, with shelves distributed across three tiers of different sizes. The A-frame design makes it a pretty stable structure, one that’s good for indoors and outdoor use.

Bamboo 5 Tier 6 Potted Plant Stand Rack

Bamboo 5 Tier 6 Potted Plant Stand RackView in gallery

One more design from Copree that we truly enjoyed was this plant stand that comes with five-tier shelves, all of them measuring the same. It is made with natural bamboo, being an eco-friendly option to some of the other plastic products out there. Due to its tall and narrow design, this plant stand is suitable for smaller spaces and could work well in corners, offices, receptions, and small balconies.

Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor

Plant Stand Indoor OutdoorView in gallery

Let’s put our hands together for this spacious plant stand that comes with multiple shelves that are perfect for showcasing large and small potted plants alike. The shelves are distributed across seven tiers and come with a total of 10 shelves of identical size. It can support weights up to 150 pounds, so that’s about 15 pounds per shelf (for exact weight distribution).

AMERLIFE Wooden Plant Stand Flower Rack

AMERLIFE Wooden Plant Stand Flower RackView in gallery

The AMERLIFE wooden plant stand is the type of product that looks and feels so versatile, there’s really no limit to what you can place on it. It works perfectly well for showcasing plants, but it could work just as well in a child’s room for showcasing toys or story books. Through a temperature carbonization treatment, this structure has more deformation resistance and is more water-resistant overall. The shelves are distributed across six tiers and the stand measures 44.5″ x 44.5″ x 10″ overall.

Tribesigns 5-Tier Plant Stand

Tribesigns 5-Tier Plant StandView in gallery

We always try to avoid choosing favorites when putting together these lists of “best of” products, but can you honestly tell me this plant display isn’t to die for? Available in a white and black version, this round-shaped display offers shelves of multiple sizes and features an arcade with hooks for your hanging plants. The weight capacity of each shelf varies as follows: the bottom shelf holds 10 pounds, the middle large one can support 20 pounds, the smaller shelf located on the middle is for 20 pounds, while the top shelf supports 10 pounds.

TJ.MOREE Wall Hanging Rope Shelf

TJ.MOREE Wall Hanging Rope ShelfView in gallery

Hanging plant shelves will never go out of style and they offer the advantage of freeing up floor space. They are a cost-effective option, as they tend to be cheaper compared to large multi-tiered plant stands. The shelves are sold together with two hooks and anchors, so setting everything up is pretty easy considering you get the hardware needed for mounting. The system has three shelves with a 10-inch distance between them.

FORESTBARN Hanging Shelves

FORESTBARN Hanging ShelvesView in gallery

We loved this idea because it allows you to place the shelves independently from one another (since the package consists of two identical shelves, each with their own hanging mechanisms). These single-directional shelves are pretty easy to mount and you can make a few adjustments to make it look better. The shelves are made from plywood, while the rope is made from cotton. You also get two drywall anchors and two hooks with your purchase.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves WallView in gallery

These floating shelves are another great idea for those of you who want a simple design and to free up some floor space that would otherwise be occupied by freestanding plant stands. They are made with solid wooden boards and come with metal brackets that have been powder coated for added durability. The set includes shelves of three sizes and they can support about 40 pounds of weight, on average.

SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant StandView in gallery

With nine tiers that will allow you to store all kinds of plant pots, the SONGMICS stand is truly a versatile product. It can be used for showcasing a lot of different items, and its quality bamboo construction makes it even suitable as a bathroom storage solution. The shelves are distributed across nine tiers and the entire structure measures 37.8” L x 35.4” H x 13” W.

Foldable Plant Shelf

Foldable Plant ShelfView in gallery

Whenever you’re on the market looking for a plant shelf that can easily be moved or stored, foldable options like this one from Rose Home Fashion are your best bet. This ladder-style plant shelf is perfect for small spaces due to its compact size (it measures 16″ L x 14″ W x 44″ H when unfolded). It is made entirely out of wood and has a gorgeous distressed finish that’s perfect for traditional, vintage, or rustic-style homes.


How do you make a plant shelf?

There are plenty of online tutorials that can teach you how to make a plant shelf. The best part is that, if you want something along the lines of a simple hanging shelf, you’re not going to need that many materials. 

What is a plant stand called?

Plant stands can go by many different names, but the most common ones are standing planters or plant pot stands.

How do you display plants?

There is really no limit to the amount of creative means that one can resort to in order to showcase their plants. Some ideas include: using wooden shelves, hanging planters from the ceiling, converting end tables into plant stands, using a hurricane lantern for single plant placement, using old wooden crates to make plant display cubbies, mounting shelves on the kitchen window, and many more.

What can you use for a plant stand?

There are a lot of pieces of furniture or materials that can easily be converted into plant stands. We have seen everything from tall bathroom cabinets to old bar stools that were used to showcase single plant pots. Some people like to use end tables, while others purchase garage sale open-style bookcases for plant display. And, why not, you can ever turn a ladder into a plant stand.

In Conclusion

Plant shelves are a great way to display your plants and, depending on the type chosen, can come with a series of other benefits as well. Hanging shelves will free up floor space and decorate walls, while freestanding models can also serve for displaying other items as well. There are plenty of different models to choose from, so if you have a particular design and construction in mind, chances are you will find products that match your ideal.