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Cocoon Yourself in Style and Comfort With a Patio Egg Chair

They might have had their start in the era of midcentury modern design, but egg chairs have evolved into the ultimate patio chair for cocoon-like comfort. The first egg chair design was crafted by Sweden’s Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and it proved to be super comfortable — and popular. Fast forward about seven decades and the egg chair has evolved into a wide range of models that vary in shape, size, capacity and design. 

Patio egg chair

Patio egg chairs have much more cachet than a plain outdoor chair, whether they are freestanding with their own support structure or hanging from the ceiling. Some egg chairs are even designed to hang from a tree, so you can take that hammock-like comfort out to a favorite corner of the yard. Others feature a stationary base that provides the same egg-shaped comfort without the swinging and swaying. 

Egg Chair and the Many Materials

Today’s egg chairs are manufactured from a wide range of materials, with some suitable for covered outdoor spaces and others able to sit out in the open. Whether you choose a traditional rattan that needs to stay in a sheltered area or any one of the many weather-resistant options, the style choices are broad, meaning that you’ll easily find one to match the vibe of your outdoor space. This also means that where you’ll be placing the egg chair is a critical decision. All egg chairs will need a cushion for comfort and most come with one that is right size for the chair. Be sure to check that any outdoor cushion you use in the chair is weather-resistant and keep in mind that it’s not ideal to leave outdoor cushions in the rain, no matter what type of chair you use them on.

A Stand or Free-Hanging?

 One of the nicest things about an egg chair — besides feeling cocooned — is the gentle sway you can have when sitting in it. Some patio egg chairs hang from a stand and can be placed just about anywhere while others must be suspended from the ceiling or a beam. In either case, you’ll need to have some clearance around the chair. Because heavy-duty swinging is not recommended for any hanging egg chair, you probably don’t need much more room than a foot on either side and about three feet behind the chair.   

Weight Limits 

No matter what type you choose, you’ll want to make sure that it’s sturdy enough to accommodate your weight. Or, if you’ll have a few kiddos crawling in at the same time, it will have to be safe for them too. A double egg chair has to be built to hold the weight of you and your significant other — or whomever you’ll be cocooning with! On the other hand, some people like the larger double models just so they can stretch out and snooze the afternoon away.

Are You Handy?

Most hanging egg chairs will need some assembly to put together the stand or to attach a bracket securely to the ceiling joist or beam. If you’re not very handy — and don’t have a friend who is either — you might need to hire someone to install the hanging chair bracket in your ceiling. The other option is to stick with a freestanding model that will likely be easier for you to handle.

1. Herculaneum Encase Swing Chair with Stand

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

A modern focal point for any upscale patio, the Herculaneum Encase Swing Chair with Stand has more than a fashionable look going for it: It’s also fun, cozy and super relaxing. The round powder-coated steel base supports a sweeping arc from which the wicker egg is suspended. Crafted from PE Rattan — polyethylene — it looks like natural rattan but is much more strong and durable. The round egg is made with an open, randomly patterned weave that buyers say is sturdy and provides some privacy to the person seated inside. 

Designed to be water-resistant, the chair and base also resist scratches and rust. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs., it’s great for most adults and can easily accommodate a couple of children. One happy buyer noted that an average adult can. easily sit cross-legged inside.  Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use, instead of stashing this away in the offseason, you can bring the chair inside and get even more enjoyment. It comes with an all-weather cushion that is stain- and fade-resistant and can be removed for laundering. Assembly is required for the Herculaneum Encase Swing Chair and it is covered by a one-year warranty.

2. Cortinas Patio Wicker Plastic Tear Drop Swing Chair

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

With a gracefully tapered shape, the Cortinas Patio Wicker Plastic Tear Drop Swing Chair has a touch of the exotic about it. This hanging egg chair is supported by a sturdy circular base made of metal which means you can place it just about anywhere on your patio, deck or backyard. The open weave shell of the chair is made from a synthetic resin rattan that is meant for an outdoor environment and can support up to 300 pounds.

Inside the chair, lounge away the afternoon atop the plush, sectioned cushion that comes with a separate pillow for extra comfort. The gentle swaying of the chair is relaxing, plus the egg chair can swivel so that you can face different directions. Buyers say that the sturdy egg chair is easy to assemble and they overwhelmingly give it high ratings, with the exception of those few who received a product that was damaged in the shipping.

3. Gemmenne Swing Chair

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

A slimmer take on the traditional egg chair shape, the Gemmenne Swing Chair hangs from the ceiling, indoors or out. With more of a scoop shape than a fully enclosed circle, the chair has a plump cushion that makes it very comfortable. Made from synthetic rattan, the wicker shell has a sturdy wrapped frame filled with a weave that features a random pattern. The style is designed for single person and has a weight capacity of 265 pounds. 

Ideal for use indoors or out, the slimmer design means it can fit where a larger, round egg chair can’t. The materials used for the chair are resistant to water, UV light, mildew and rust. It also comes with a deeply tufted cushion that is filled with foam and polyester and is covered with fade- and stain-resistant fabric. The Gemmenne Swing Chair must be installed to hang from a ceiling joist so no stand is included. World Menagerie covers this swing char with a one-year warranty. Happy reviewers say that the chair has a natural, organic look, is extremely comfortable, easy to clean and gets compliments galore.

4. Armstong Hanging Hammock Swing Chair

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

For the same relaxing experience that you get from an egg chair but at a more affordable price point, the Armstong Hanging Hammock Swing Chair is a fabulous option. Less encompassing than the traditional design, this hammock swing chair is crafted from premium, soft, non-toxic, 100% cotton supported by a heavy-duty metal frame. Comfortable and sturdy, the swing can hold up to 265 pounds and is made to be stable without tilting. It has a stylish boho look, complete with fringe accents.

Designed to be hung from the ceiling, the swing can also be suspended from a stand, which must be purchased separately. Hanging it from a tree is also an option. For an extra romantic feeling, it comes with almost 40 feet of attachable LED lights that have a warm flame color, adding to the magical feeling you get when sitting in the chair.  (Three AA batteries not included.) It can be used indoors or outdoors and can be hung two different ways: to swing back and forth or to rotate. The Armstong Hanging Hammock Swing Chair comes with two iron rings that attach to an installed hook. which must be purchased separately. This chair has 100 percent four- and five-star reviews.

5. Grassi Swing Chair with Stand

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

Cradle yourself in comfort as you spend time on the patio in the Grassi Swing Chair with Stand. The teardrop shape is a little different from the typical orb and will add extra style to your outdoor — or indoor — setting. With 95 percent four- and five-star reviews, this hanging egg chair is the ticket to relaxation. Made from synthetic rattan, the random woven pattern has an organic look and the sturdy steel stand is supported by a circular base. The weather-resistant material is easy to clean and durable.

Intended for use by a single person, the hanging chair has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Although it comes with a stand, the Grassi Swing Chair can also be hung from a tree limb or ceiling with separately purchased hardware. Cushions are included with the chair, which requires some easy assembly. Happy reviewers say that this chair has transformed their outdoor spaces and made it into a relaxing oasis, whether that’s a spacious patio or a modestly sized balcony.

6. Weller Outdoor Wicker Basket Swing Chair with Stand

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

A plush cushion and refined weave design set this Weller Outdoor Wicker Basket Swing Chair with Stand apart from the crowd. The freestanding hanging patio egg chair is perfect for any outdoor spot: patio, balcony, deck or yard. It can even be removed from the stand and hung from a tree with the proper hardware. Crafted from polyethylene rattan, it’s durable and easy to clean. Intended for use by a single person, the chair can support up to 250 pounds. 

Stylish enough to use indoors as well, this hanging chair comes with cushions that can be wiped clean with a damp towel and mild soap as the cushion cover is not removable. Maybe instead of storing it away for the winter, you might add it to your indoor decor for some all-season relaxation! The Weller Outdoor Wicker Basket Swing Chair requires assembly and Braden Studio covers the chair with a 90-day warranty. Buyers love the comfort and style of this chair, as well as the fact that it’s wide enough for an adult to cross her legs when seated inside. 

7. Aviva Outdoor Luxury Wicker Swing Chair

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

If a lot of rattan is not necessarily your style the Aviva Outdoor Luxury Wicker Swing Chair is a little different from the typical egg chair. Its unique shape is less rounded and the shell is fashioned with a polyester rope design rather than a straight woven wicker. The metal frame is wrapped in water-resistant synthetic wicker and the seat is suspended from the stand with a steel chain, giving it a weight capacity of 265 pounds. Durable construction and excellent comfort make this swing chair ideal for any outdoor living space. In fact, happy buyers say that it’s the comfiest outdoor seat they own, beating out the relaxation level of a hammock.

The contemporary look of the Aviva chair means that it is also appropriate for indoor use, so you can keep enjoying it in the colder weather. A deep, overstuffed detachable cushion comes with the chair, making it the perfect place to spend the afternoon reading or snoozing. Hanging the chair from a tree is another option, but will require additional hardware that is not included. Assembly is required but chair comes with all the tools you will need. The Aviva Outdoor Luxury Wicker Swing Chair is covered by a 30-day warranty. Buyers should make note that although the chair is water-resistant, it is not meant to be left out in the rain.

8. Roosevelt Wicker Teardrop Swing Chair

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

If swinging is not your thing, you can still enjoy the style and comfort of a patio egg chair with the Roosevelt Wicker Teardrop Chair. This stylish chair has all the elements of a swing chair but it sits firmly on the ground with four legs. It has a modern look thanks to the straight line weave of the shell, compared to the more organic look of a random, meandering pattern. And speaking of the shell, it is made from a synthetic rattan that makes it easy to care for and easy to clean. The iron frame is also wrapped in the same material. Sturdy and durable, the chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

An included cushion is plush and stuffed with polyurethane foam, covered with a water-resistant fabric.  The cushion covering, which is not removable, can be cleaned by wiping with a clean cloth and mild soap as necessary. Assembly is required and the manufacturer recommends having two people on hand to do it. All the tools needed are included.  Buyers say that the Roosevelt Wicker Teardrop Chair is easy to put together and is quite wide.  Bloomsbury Market covers these chairs with a one-year warranty.

9. Cutright Double Swing Chair with Stand

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

For a patio egg char with double the fun, the Cutright Double Swing Chair with Stand is a fabulous choice. A wide teardrop shape and durable steel construction with a 400-pound weight capacity mean that two adults can share this uber comfortable seat. Or, you can snuggle in, lay down and claim it all for yourself!  The stylish design is perfect for indoors or out, thanks to the quick-drying resin wicker material and sturdy arched support frame. 

A plush cushion covered in a stylish gray material is included for the interior of the egg chair as are the hanging accessories to attach the chair to the stand. Buyers note that the cushions are not waterproof and should be brought indoors when it rains. Happy reviewers also note that that chair is extremely stable and strong. Assembly is required but customers say that it is very easy to do. This particular hanging chair is not recommended to be hung from the ceiling.

10. Berkshire Swing Chair With Cushion

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

Relaxed but refined, the Berkshire Swing Chair With Cushion has a more basketlike shape that evokes the tropics – or at least a leisurely front-porch atmosphere. Decidedly a traditional style that will work with many types of outdoor furniture, the vibe of this swing chair is still all about comfort: You’ll want to grab a lemonade and settle in! Made with a sturdy synthetic wicker weave on a metal frame, the chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can turn any outdoor living space into a relaxing oasis with this patio egg chair.

Because this is a hanging chair, no stand is included. In addition, the hanging hook and suspension hardware for the chair must be purchased separately, and in fact, professional installation is recommended by the manufacturer. The Berkshire Swing Chair does come with a cushion that pads the seat as well as the back, creating a very comfortable environment. It covered with a water-resistant fabric that is not removable but can be wiped with a clean cloth and mild soap as needed. Assembly is required but all the tools necessary are included. As already noted, professional installation of the chair is recommended. Bayou Breeze covers the Berkshire Chair with a 90-day limited warranty.

11. Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand

Modern design lovers will be drawn to the Brookshire Crosby Egg Swing Chair with Stand for its egg-shaped profile and sleek open-weave structure. It’s a very stylish piece for any outdoor living space and will have you whiling away many an afternoon, reading, napping or just enjoying the outdoors. A sturdy steel frame and hanging chain give the chair a weight capacity of 250 pounds and the sides are woven from a durable olefin rope. 

Intended for a single user, the chair can also be placed indoors as well as outdoors, for enjoyment long beyond the warm weather seasons. It comes with an overstuffed cushion that covers the seat and the back of the chair for unrivaled comfort. The weather-resistant cushions actually have a rating of 800 hours of UV light and the rope used on the shell has a rating of 1200 UV hours. While the Berkshire chair requires assembly, buyers overwhelmingly give it four or five stars and say that it is easy to put together and easy to store as well. Manufacturer Freeport Park covers the chair with a one-year limited warranty.