These 7 Sofa Mistakes Will Date Your Room

While many refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, the living room is also a prime gathering spot. It should feel welcoming and homey, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. A well-put-together living room with comfortable furniture encourages relaxation and family bonding time.

There are many classic and trendy couch styles to choose from. If you’re looking for new furniture and don’t want your living room to look outdated, avoid these seven types of sofas.

The All White Couch

Low back support

All-white couches look great on social media, and they may even look fantastic in your home for a few days. But rarely do all-white sofas stay white. Families who spend ample time in the living room watching movies or snuggling up on the couch will quickly discolor white sofas.

Even if you buy removable, machine-washable covers, you’ll spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep your couch clean. If you don’t want to stress over keeping a couch pristine, skip the white sofa and choose something more practical.

Big Black Leather Sectionals

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Leather sofas gained popularity in the 1960s and were permanent staples in many living rooms through the 1990s. Large black sofas are undoubtedly comfy and easy to clean, but they scream “outdated.”

If the thought of giving up your leather sofa terrifies you, switch the color and size. Try a camel-colored leather couch with clean lines. You can opt for a large and comfy model but skip the sectional.

Couches with Matching Loveseats and Chairs

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In 2024, matching furniture sets are out, and the collected look is in. If you need new furniture, choose pieces you love and that coordinate, but don’t come in a set. 

Since the sofa is the most expensive piece of living furniture, start with it. Once you’ve purchased your couch, look for accent chairs and coffee tables that coordinate. It does not all need to be new either — look for secondhand pieces on Facebook marketplace, thrift stores, and antique shops.

Anything Millennial Pink

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Millennial pink is a pale shade of pink that spiked in popularity about five or six years ago. While it’s still a nice accent color, a millennial pink sofa can make your living room look dated. 

Try a neutral, non-trendy sofa. Then, mix in trendier colors, like shades of pink, through your accent pillows, rugs, and throw blankets.

Too-Small Sofas

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Scale is essential when choosing furniture. Sofas that are too small or too big can make a room feel off and dated. Assess your room to determine what size couch to purchase. As a general rule, the back of your couch should be about two-thirds of the wall height unless you have exceptionally tall ceilings.

Also, ensure proper flow in the room. Occupants should be able to walk through the living room without maneuvering around furniture. However, too much space around the sofa will make the room look dwarfed.

Animal Print Patterns

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Most people fall into one of two groups regarding animal prints: they love or hate them. If you fall into the former, it’s okay to incorporate some animal prints through easily changeable accessories. However, an animal print sofa will only date your room.

Low Back Sofas

Low back support

Mid-century modern furniture is timeless, but the low-back couches that often come with this style are not. These couches look cool but pose real comfort issues and are no longer on trend.

If you still want a fun design, consider a curved sofa, which adds a design element to the room while still making a statement.