Original bathtubs from Lineatre

An interior designing of a classic bathroom is just a simple arrangement is that the main products are placed in good manner. The original bathtubs design created by the people at Lineatre is fascinating. Another specialty of these classic interiors is diversity. Pendant lamps, rugs, wall lamps and wall hangers bring more stylish for classic bathrooms. A luxurious touch is added to this with the peculiar floral arrangement.


These pieces are not just simple bathtubs anymore. It’s like having a second bedroom, except that the bed is actually a bathtub, the chair is a toilet and the table is a sink. The light fabric and the flower arrangements all contribute to create a very relaxing atmosphere in there. You would have to be crazy not to want to take a bath in there.







I’m not sure what’s the idea behind this collection, but it’s weird. It’s a sort of combination between bedroom, living room and bathroom. And none of them go well together. It’s interesting but I’m not sure how many people would like it. The most unusual piece of this collection in the bathtub that looks like a storage cabinet.  That’s an awkward piece. I really don’t get the idea behind that design. It’s not like anyone would like to camouflage their bathtub into a closet. There no reason to do that. And nobody has a bathtub in the bedroom or in the living room so that’s twice as awkward.