Obsessed With Turquoise – Exotic And Refreshing Yet Soothing And Serene

Of all the colors our eyes can perceive, turquoise is one of the most interesting and mysterious, one of the most alluring and captivating. It’s a cold color, just like blue and green, its parents. It borrows their attributes, depending on the shade and intensity.

The best shade of turquoise is the one you find in nature, in the mesmerizing waves

Pair turquoise with its close relatives to emphasize their refreshing beauty
Incredibly versatile, turquoise can be matched with any style
Tired of blue bathroom walls? Try turquoise for a change
Use this color to create a spa-like look for your bathroom
Because of its calming and relaxing effects, pastel turquoise is perfect for the bedroom
A very nice use of contrasts featuring pastel turquoise and dark wood

Turquoise is actually a color often found in nature so it has a refreshing a soothing effect on the body and mind. Reminiscent of beautiful clear waters and of the gemstone which gave it its name, this colors is sometimes used in tropical interior design or for creating soothing and calming environments. Its calming nature is not the only characteristic which defines this striking shade.

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Add a touch of color to the bedroom with a bright turquoise headboard
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This turquoise dining room chandelier really packs a punch
If you choose this color for the walls, pick a pastel shade
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Breezy bedroom with just the right amount of color
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Want to make a statement? How about a colored door to match the landscape?
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Bright and bold shades suit modern and contemporary decors
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The combination of dark wood and bright accent colors is quite interesting
We love the idea of having bold-colored chairs in the dining room
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You can also alternate colors and opt for a mix
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As an accent color, turquoise looks great when combined with grays and whites
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A turquoise accent wall makes a strong statement in any space
A wonderful display of bright colors, perfectly balanced
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Darker shades of turquoise look better in combination with dark colors
Use color as well as pattern to create a dynamic look
Mix cold and warm colors for a balanced ambiance
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In the kitchen, the island is a great source of color
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If the walls are bold-colored, the rest of the room should look neutral
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Create a whimsical décor by combining various colors and prints
A great color for a modern farmhouse look
Modern beach house inspired by colors found in nature
Sometimes it’s the little things that complete a beautiful décor
The bedroom doesn’t need a lot of color. A few little accents are enough

There’s a more energetic side to this majestic color. Brighter tones look great combined with white or light beige and a refreshing contrast is created. It’s a great color to include in your palette if you’re decorating a breach house or an exotic retreat. Of course, the versatility of turquoise in interior décor allows you to take full advantage of its beautiful characteristics in other contexts as well.

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