Network 33w Bookcase

Bookcases are very useful, especially when your living room is small and not fit for a normal bookcase, so bookshelves are preferred. Besides, bookshelves can also be used for storing different things or for decorative purposes like displaying flowers, ornaments and so on. This Network 33w Bookcase is pretty special because it has just the right size for a little living room and it looks pretty modern and great. The bookcase is meant to be hung on the wall, but you can also place it directly on the floor, as a side table or room divider.

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This bookshelf is made of bamboo timber with ebony stain and brings something of the Chinese refinement and delicacy. You can use all the compartments, each of them for a different purpose. You can use it as an organizer in order to store all the trifles in a room in a single place and also as a space saver. The design is a bit asymmetrical, which makes it pretty modern and the dark brown makes it fit any room, no matter what the colour of the furniture or carpet is. It is available now for online purchasing for just $499. I like it and its simplicity.