Narrow Console Tables And Their Extreme Versatility

Finding a good spot for a console table given the fact that they usually have narrow and pretty simple designs is not at all difficult. These beautiful pieces of furniture fit well just about anywhere, whether you need something to fill up an empty hallway, something to display your collections on or a table to complement your living room sofa.


Simple console tables such as this one are quite popular and can be easily found in most stores. But regardless of whether you buy it or you build it yourself, the table would be easy to assemble. Keep in mind that it needs to be secured to the wall since it only has two legs.

DIY x brace console table

A narrow console table is a wonderful accent piece for the living room. Use it as a display surface for your potted plants, framed pictures or other decorations. Building one that looks similar to the piece on rogueengineer is quite easy. You’ll need a few tools and materials such as some lumber, studs, screws, a drill, a saw and a tape measure.

Green console table makeover

Chances are you could find a beautiful console table forgotten in a garage or from someone who no longer wants it in which case all you have to do is refresh it a little bit with some paint or wood stain. Check out the chic makeover featured on diypassion and find some inspiration you could use for your own project.

Modern Entryway console DIY

There’s no need to spend a lot of time on a console table when you can actually build one yourself. Take this one for example. We found this simple project on build-basic. By layering several thin and cheap boards, the table was made to look as one of those thick and expensive pieces. This strategy also allows the table to be more durable.

console table with floating top

There are many different uses for a console table. For example, it could be placed behind the living room sofa in case you decide not to place it against the wall. It would be nice if the table were to match the sofa in terms of dimensions so building it yourself would be a perfect option in this case. Give it a live-edge top for extra charm. {found on pneumaticaddict}.

Sofa table diy project

On jennaseudesign you can find another example or how a console table can complement your living room sofa. The table in this case has a very simple design. Building the frame is pretty simple if you have someone to help you balance all the pieces. If the sofa is long, the table will also need a support at the middle. After this, adding the flat top is easy.

Console table project

Want to make a console table for under $30? Then head over to thehappierhomemaker for some simple instructions. All you need for this project is a drill, a few wood boards and screws and some stain. Cut the boards as per instructions shown in the tutorial and then assemble the piece. Sand it and stain it and then find a good place for it.

Narrow white console table

Narrow console tables which are only supported by legs at the front while the back is attached directly to the wall are pretty great because they’re space-saving and their simplicity makes them versatile and perfect for modern and contemporary interiors. They can become beautiful accent pieces for hallways, living room or bedrooms. {found on heyletsmakestuff}.

Make a custom table yourself

If you want your console table to have a little bit of rustic or vintage charm, then perhaps finding an old one and giving it a makeover would be a good solution. Of course, you can also build it from scratch and then give it a distressed look using the right painting technique. Find out more about this on savedbylovecreations.

Sawhorse console table

Opt for a sawhorse-style console table for a country-chic look. You can find some plans as well as a tutorial on the project on shanty-2-chic. You’ll need some wood boards and sawhorse brackets. What’s nice about this design is that the base also offers storage in the form of open shelves.

Pallet console table narrow design

A wooden pallet is a pretty good starting point if you want to make a console table. In fact, given how versatile pallets are, they can be used for just about anything. To simplify everything, you can just take the pallet, paint it, place it vertically and then put a wooden top on it. Check out kleinworthco for more details on this project.

Pallet outdor table narrow design

Another interesting console table also made of wood pallets is featured on apieceofrainbow. You’ll need two pallets for this project. One of them will be used as table legs after it’s been cut into smaller pieces. The remaining boards will be used to make a bottom shelf for extra storage.

Marble table top narrow console

A marble top console table is the type of furniture piece which would look beautiful on a hallway or entryway. You can use tiles for the top and wood for the base. Basically you just build a wooden frame which you can spray paint golden or another metallic color. Then add the tiles on the top and seal it. You can find more details about this on providenthomedesign.