Moorish Fire Screen

It’s officially winter and it’s the perfect time to stay indoors, enjoying the warmth of your home together with your family, especially now that the weekend is approaching. And, whether you have a big or a small house, the feeling of “home” is often brought by the presence of the fireplace. Many people prefer a fake fireplace instead of a functional one because of the lack of space or because they live in blocks of flats. However, I personally think that functional fireplaces with logs and open fire and everything is great. I want my children to hang their stockings by the fireplace and wait for Santa Claus just like in my childhood dreams and stories. And I have found just the perfect item you need by the fireplace. It’s the Moorish Fire Screen.

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This screen is meant to protect you from the fire and to add a subtle Oriental air to your living room. That is possible because the iron fire screen is handcrafted by very talented artisans in Morocco, a place where the Arabic influence is very strong. The screen is made of three component parts and and the intricate patterns made of iron enhance its beauty. The panels are connected by two hinges that allow you to change their position and also have each two short legs that support them and keep them standing. Great artwork that is now available for $250.