Enjoying Space With Modular Furniture And Innovative Design

Every time we face the problem of pace constraints we immediately think of modular furniture and how versatile, flexible and space-efficient it can be. But modular furniture is not only great for small spaces. Its versatility and uniqueness makes it an ideal choice for virtually any space and any situation. With so many ingenious and interesting designs being developed every day, there are definitely plenty of options to choose from.

The Cityscapes carpets

The Cityscapes carpets Grey
The Cityscapes carpets

Unless your home is by any chance perfectly designed to accommodate standard-size rugs without any problems, you’ll wish there was a way to reshape your area rugs to suit your current layout and needs. That’s exactly what the Cityscapes are meant to do. These tiled carpets are produced in the Netherlands by Basematters and they made of geometric-shaped tiles of woolen felt which can be rearranged in a multitude of ways in order to obtain the optimal design for your specific needs. You can find them in gray, yellow and green.

The ZipZip floor cushions

Modular Sofa pillows ZIp

With the ZipZip cushions one can create a variety of seating arrangements, from simple floor cushions placed casually in the living room to comfortable loungers or even couches. The versatility and flexibility of these possibilities lies in the extremely simple and practical design featured by these cushions. ZipZip are upholstered cushions which can be connected with zippers on all four sides. This way several of them can be put together to form the seating arrangement required at any specific time.

The Prisma set

Tetris-Style Modular Seating System

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this furniture collection is undoubtedly related to games such as Tetris or other similar ones. In fact, that seems like a very plausible inspiration source for the Prisma set. Seeing the pieces included in this collection individually definitely creates an unusual first impression. Their odd shapes and angles give identity and character to this collection and, at the same time, offer the user the opportunity to enjoy a highly flexible and very practical furniture series designed to be adapted and redistributed as needed.

The Facile sofa

The Facile sofa
The Facile sofa black
The Facile sofa with pillows

The Facile outdoor sofa was designed by Marco Gregori and, as the name suggests, it’s a piece meant to be used outdoors, being protected by the waterproof fabrics used in its design. Another element worth mentioning is the wooden base which featured holes allowing the rods supporting the cushions to be adjusted and repositioned as desired in order to obtain the most comfortable seating arrangement for the user. The sofa cushions are available in a variety of colors and the base comes as a two-seater or a three-seater.

The Floorscape lounger

Floorscape by David Pickett
Floorscape by David Pickett Black
Floorscape by David Pickett Up

Floorscape is a modular floor lounger designed by Dave Pickett and, as you can see, it can easily be mistaken with a modern sculpture. That’s because this piece is composed of several faceted cushions supported by a lightweight aluminum framework with a black powder-coated finish. The user can adjust the angle and position of each module in order to create the desired combination, shape and structure to achieve the level of comfort or the look desired. The modules are covered in leather. When the lounger is not used as a seating unit, it can be hung on a wall becoming an eye-catching sculpture.

The Pie Chart System

Modular Table Design

A pie chart is not exactly what you except to be greeted by when you finally come home from work. However, you’ll love this one. This is a Pie Chart you can use as furniture. It was designed by Hierve for H Furniture and it can be used as an individual accent piece which could serve as a side table or in sets of two or more. These modular units are made from solid wood or plywood and you can find them in various colors. Mix and match them creating your own unique and space-saving geometry.