A Modernized Cabin: Ideas and Inspiration

We love the idea of mixing and matching themes that don’t necessarily go together at first glance. So, when it comes to a cozy cabin, why not fill it up with some super chic and contemporary pieces of decor. Let’s take a look at some great ways to connect cabin fever with posh designs. A modernized cabin, let us inspire you!

1. Sweet Relaxation.

Cabin bedroomView in gallery

The combination of natural wood flavors with this slick, mid century modern furniture looks sensual, sweet and relaxing. We love how they kept the entire space subtle and neutral as well to keep within that trendy, yet serene vibe.

2. Rea Kitchens.

Cabana Rustic ReduxView in gallery

This kitchen has a masculine, industrial feel which is very in-the-now and trending. The mixed materials look between the wood and metal compliments the space well and utilized the cabin’s cozy feel.

3. Slick Woods.

Yolo cabin living room jpegView in gallery

Even if you’re using a lot of wooden pieces or your foundation is wood, make it slick. If it’s a finished wood with a clean edging, you can still transform the space into something more contemporary with the right accents.

4. Eclectic Charm.

Modern cabin designView in gallery

A bit more on the eclectic side of modern style, this room take cabin flair to a cozy, clean look. A neutral foundation adds to the comfortable charm and also finished the contemporary lines.

5. Mixing Corners.

Fabulous Maggie Valley CabinView in gallery

If you take a good look at this space you’ll see all the different mixing and matching going on. A bit of retro in the kitchen, traditional in the living room and that special, cabin flair upstairs, this type of combination is definitely forward-thinking.

6. Double Take.

Small cabin woodView in gallery

This room is so right we needed to give you two looks. Again, it’s a neutral foundation, which matches the typical cabin decor. But, it’s decorating in a way that screams contemporary and posh flavors.

7. Creative Fun.

Cabin wall decorView in gallery

This idea mixes the casual, cliches of cabin style but makes it modern by using the trending charcoal and bright white color combo. What a chic hallway! All it needs are some metal accents.

8. Detailed Lines.

Wood stove wood storageView in gallery

Do you see how every line of this space has been properly thought-out, planned and precisely made? That’s the best way to create something modern on the outside and cozy, cabin-esque on the outside!

9. Evening Looks.

New fork social clubwashburnView in gallery

At first, this space looks like it may be in a cabin. But, then you may question yourself once you notice the large windows and chic furniture hidden inside. The two looks mix in such a way that it’s a new kind of style genre all its own.

10. Lighter Feel.

Ceiling and floor wood1View in gallery

This peek has a lighter feel and mixes vintage pieces with modern touches. Again, it’s a mesh of different designs that come together to create an in-the-now, trending style and atmosphere.

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