Practical Modern Window Treatments for Your Own Unique Style

Modern window treatments range in style and are the finishing touches to any great room design. While the contemporary modern style of window treatments may have sleek and clean lines, they are no less important to allow you to control the natural light, create privacy, and frame your windows.

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There are many wonderful options, but what may work for some, will not work for every design. It is important to find the perfect window treatments for your home design style and circumstances.

Modern Window Treatments: A List of Styles

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Passerine Home

Gone are the swags and flounces of the styles of yesteryear; instead, choose styles that have a spare and simple style but bring instant luxury to your interior design.

Panel curtains

Straight panel curtains and drapes work well in modern window design. These can be sheer or opaque, elegant or casual. The key to panel curtains for modern design is that their lines are simple and uncomplicated.

Roman shades

Roman shades work well as contemporary window treatments because of their simple shape. These are panels of fabric or other textured material set into a window frame that you can adjust up and down to control the amount of light and privacy as you need.

Roller shades

Roller shades are a minimal window treatment that works well if you want to show off the window style with minimum adornment. Also, these work well in conjunction with other window treatments like panel curtains.


Shutters have a minimal look that works well for contemporary window treatments. You can fit them inside the window frame and control the amount of light by controlling the louvers rather than opening and closing the shutters.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the most common type of blind. These are similar to shutters in that the louvers run from side to side. There is a mechanism that allows you to control the light by adjusting the louvers by minimal amounts.

18 Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Modern window coverings have so much variety that it is difficult to know where to begin. We are here to help you make sense of all the options that you could try. Take a look at some of these fabulous design ideas to see what would work for you.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

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Kate Marker Interiors

Many contemporary-style homes have floor-to-ceiling windows. Therefore, it is important to be able to cover these to create privacy and shade the indoors from harsh sunlight.

We love this modern curtain design which features floor-to-ceiling curtains that match the tone of the walls.

These create a look that is blended and allows the dark-framed large windows to act as a focal point of the room rather than the curtains.

Textured Shades and Curtains

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Lauren Lane

Modern homes look wonderful with layered depths and texture. You can create a fabulous look for your windows by using two different window treatments together.

The panel curtains have a simple style which allows the natural materials of the shades to stand out.

In addition, the mixed approach gives you greater control and more ability to control the light coming into the room. Close both the curtains and the shades to block more light.

Cafe Style Curtains

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Elements of Style

Cafe curtains, which came into fashion in 19th-century Viennese roadside cafes, have become a current favorite contemporary window treatment.

These are practical in nature as they are unfussy but functional. Hang these from the middle point of the window for the most traditional look.

Or, like this example above, hang them just above the middle point for a more distinctive style and to create more privacy.

Roman Shades

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Classic & Modern Home

If you want a more sleek and edited window treatment style than drapery, opt for a modern window covering like shades.

This textured Roman shade covers this wide window style in a way that is timeless but minimal.

Also, it blends with the neutral colors of the room and supports the style of the room without overwhelming it.

Colorful Window Treatments

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Laurel Bern Interiors

Minimal may not work for your contemporary style rooms. If your house is more eclectic and colorful, try colorful shades to complement your stylish space.

We love how these blue patterned shades echo the color of the ceiling and the table ornaments. In addition, they bring perfect balance and highlight the unique bay window.

Luxurious Drapes

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Passerine Home

Luxurious drapes bring elegance to any room, and this is as true in a contemporary home as in a traditional one. Thick drapes or blackout curtains are a way to bring utter privacy and darkness to bedroom interiors. 

Of course, they are a wonderful aid for sleep, but they also bring a distinctive look to a living room and shade the furniture from the harsh glare of the natural light. If you want to give your drapery a more contemporary look, try to position them to one side of the window frame.

Roller Shades

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Martha Stewart Home

If you want an even more minimal look than roman shades, try contemporary roller shades. These roll up and disappear so that when you don’t need them, they look as if they are not there. Roller blinds work very well in this sleek contemporary office.

Sheer Curtains

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Ideal Home

In some rooms of the house like the dining room, privacy and light control are not as important. In cases like this, you may choose to use sheer curtains for style rather than function.

For this room, the designer chose to use a sheer mauve fabric for panel drapes and the window shade for the wide window.

Black Blinds

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Swift Direct Blinds

Blinds work well with contemporary design. The black blinds have a distinctive style that dominates the room rather than disappear from view.

Blinds allow you to control the light better than curtains in that they can remain closed and still allow in light and allow you to see out the windows if you desire.

White Linen Shades

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Select Blinds

White linen has a simple and casual style that works well in this room by adding texture and the control of the light on this set of triple windows.

This natural texture is perfect in this room that has multiple layers of depth and neutral colors.

Patterned Shades

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MonaG Studio

If you don’t want added color, but still want to add interest to your room, try a shade with an interesting pattern. This shade from Mona G Studios has an abstract design of flocking birds. This bold look is perfect for contemporary window treatments.

White Shutters

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Blinds Direct

Take inspiration from a simpler style and use shutters to cover your windows. These are the perfect window treatments for modern farmhouse styles and even modern traditional. The louver attached to the central brace allows you to move them up and down to control the amount of light in the minutest level.

Tone on Tone Shades

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Chris Loves Julia

In the bedroom, it is helpful to have full darkness and privacy. These black shades would be a bold statement in most rooms, but with the black trim, the shades blend into the door. Thus, this choice allows you to have shades that are minimal in style and impact but full functionality.

Faux Wood Blinds

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The Lipstick Narratives

Contemporary blinds like these faux wood Venetian blinds work with mid century modern or bohemian design. These blend with the wood trim and fit inside the window frame.

Panel Track Blinds

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Select Blinds

Panel track blinds are contemporary window treatments with a distinct and modern look. They are simple and airy but allow complete coverage when closed. Also, you can slide the panels to one side to allow as much light in as possible.

Layered Curtains and Sheers

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The Shade Store

You can have the best of both worlds by layering sheers and curtains together. Close the sheer curtains if you want soft light in the room. These modern curtains hang above the arched window. In addition, this is the best way to minimize the traditional look of the window.

Minimal Roller Shades

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Yellow Brick Home

In a room like a bathroom, you should make sure that the window coverings you use, ensures complete privacy. For this bathroom, the homeowners used a roller blind that blends with the color of the trim. Thus, it keeps the lovely window open when desired, but you can pull it down when the bathroom is in use.

Pleated Shades

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Blinds 2 Go

Cellular shades are a modern window covering that has become more popular in recent years. Their honeycomb construction keeps the windows insulated and allows complete window coverage. In this contemporary home design, the blinds can be pulled from the top or from the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the most popular type of window treatment?

Simple and functional window treatments have become more popular in recent years than elaborate curtain styles. In addition, layering window treatments like textured blinds and panel curtains is popular because it allows you to control the light and privacy better.

Should I put curtains over blinds?

Using blinds and curtains together is a style choice that increases functionality and light control, but this is not the right choice for everyone. For example, if you are going for a minimal look, blinds alone will be better than blinds and curtains together.

What type of blinds are in style 2022?

Venetian blinds are the most popular kind of blind in the current day. In addition, cordless blinds have become popular for safety reasons and to keep the window treatments minimal.

Are curtains out of style 2022?

No, curtains will never be out of style. In fact, they work well in traditional as well as modern style.

Do window treatments add value?

Curtains add value in many ways. They keep your energy bills lower by blocking out the light and heat. In addition, they make your home more attractive.


Modern window treatments come in such variety and beautiful styles that it will be difficult to decide which of these to choose. Still, not every curtain will work in each situation.

Consider all the factors including your home’s architecture and your needs for privacy and light control.

With all this mind, you will be able to choose the best modern window treatments for your unique situation and style.