Shipping Container Home Acts Like A Sculpture In The Irish Land

In 2014 a new and unconventional construction was added to the beautiful Irish countryside. The residence was designed by Patrick Bradley Architects, a company that operates all across the UK and Ireland designing bespoke structures like this residence.


The architects employed a completely new approach for the area, designing the first modern shipping container construction in Northern Ireland. They used 4 containers in total to create two large cantilever forms. The exterior of the residence is covered with dark gray powder-coated expanded metal sheets (used for the upper level) and pre-rusted Corten steel (for the lower level).


The containers were insulated and waterproofed to prevent rust and they were used to create a structure that acts like a sculpture but also blends in with the surroundings. The building complements the forms and colors found in the local area.


The desire was to create a completely different atmosphere between the two levels. The layout takes advantage of the views over the woodland, the nearby river and the distant mountains. There are two entry points. One is an orange door on the ground level and the primary entrance is on the upper floor.


The upper level contains a galley and an open plan which houses the living and dining spaces and the kitchen. There are also two balconies to the South and West and a hidden door that leads into a bedroom. In total, the house has three bedrooms.


The kitchen is simple, relatively small but open to the living and dining areas and has glossy black furniture and built-in appliances. There’s a door that offers it direct access to the outdoors.


In between the kitchen and the dining area is a steel staircase which offers access to the ground level. A large glass opening opens the staircase to the outdoors, revealing the exterior.


The ground floor houses a bedroom behind a sliding door, a bathroom, a utility room and a master quarters. The bathroom is amazing, featuring a suspended hammock-like tub and a really simple design overall.


The master bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom with an open shower and is the most secluded area of the house, dominated by a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the views from here are any less beautiful or impressive.


A minimal metal staircase offers access to the garden below.


Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular and there are many positive elements that support that. Shipping containers prevent numerous advantages. They are durable, stackable, movable, eco-friendly and relatively cheap, the prices ranging from $1000 to $5000 depending on the size and quality of the container. Also, they are incredibly versatile and architects are able to use them when building stores, metro stations, libraries, headquarters and lots of other structures with various functions.


But, as always, all these pros also bring along a few cons. First of all, shipping containers lack insulation and this problem has to be dealt with properly in order to make the structure habitable. Also, a lot of shipping containers are deteriorated and they are prone to rust and other problems. Then there’s also another problem. Because they are not intended for human habitation, they may contain harmful substances such as paints and solvents and long-term exposure to these can be dangerous.


Because using shipping containers to build homes and other structures is a relatively new concept, obtaining building permits for these projects can be difficult. But once you get past all the issues, you can enjoy a unique home which can last over 20 years with proper maintenance. It’s uo to you to decide whether or not this would be a good investment.