How Mirrored Closet Doors Can Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Mirrored closet doors are commonly used in a lot of homes for their practicality. They allow you to save space by becoming part of the furniture’s design. The key to a successful interior design is knowing how to pair the mirrors with the right location to make the most of a room’s natural light. Some areas accommodate mirrored doors better than others. Learn how to use this to your advantage.

Bedroom Mirrored Wardrobe Doors.

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A bedroom with small windows could really use some big mirrors

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An entire mirrored closet wall visually doubles the space in the bedroom
The mirrored doors should seamlessly fit into the whole design for a cohesive décor

by Bowman Group Photography

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White is a perfect choice for closets with mirrored doors
Only parts of the closet doors can be mirrored for a harmonious ambiance
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Use pattern and geometric design to add drama to your furniture

by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

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The huge mirrors not only add dimension to the room but also hide the actual closet

Having mirrored doors for the bedroom furniture can have advantages both in terms of practicality and style. They’ll reflect the natural light and add dimension to the room, making it feel more open, airy and spacious. It’s also useful to have large mirrors here so you can better assess your outfits in the morning, in case you don’t have a dressing room or a huge walk-in closet.

Walk-in closet designs.

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Although long, narrow and with a tiny window, this space is extremely bright

by Louise Bushell Photography

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Make the most of your walk-in closet with mirrored doors – chic and very practical

by Douglas Hill

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A mirrored cabinet in the center of the room will disperse the light evenly
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Hide the clutter and maximize light and space at the same time
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Mirrored doors are particularly useful in closets without windows

by Ema Peter Photography 

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Strategically place the mirrors where you think they can be most useful

by J Allen Smith Design

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Try a minimalist and clean approach for a modern design

The main concern when designing and decorating a walk-in closet is incorporating as much storage space as possible. This can often make the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Use mirrored doors for the closets and cabinets to let light become a part of the whole space and to create a pleasant and airy atmosphere. Also, mirrors are very practical in this particular space.

Bathroom décor.

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A bathroom that’s already spacious can only get better with large mirrors
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A mirrored pocket door is an excellent addition to a small bathroom

There’s no such thing as a bathroom that’s too large. It’s always good to try to maximize the space in your bathroom and to even try to create the illusion of space for a more harmonious décor. And since the mirror is a must-have, be smart and kill two birds with one stone. Mirrored cabinet doors are always an excellent option.

Hallway mirrors.

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Make the mirrors look natural in the décor and try to save as much space as possible

by Rob Moroto

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Find the perfect balance of function and aesthetics when choosing the right place for the closets

by Robert Canfield Photography

Whether you’re coming or going, you always feel the need to look in the mirror just to make sure everything looks ok. That being said, consider having mirrored doors for your hallway closets and cabinets. This way you take care of your storage needs and you can be sure you’ll always look perfect. Your guests will appreciate the feature too.

Living room accent details.

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Hide the bookshelves and storage space behind mirrored doors with style

by Barbara Feinstein

Although mirrors are not a must-have in the case of the living room, who would say not to something that can make the room feel more bright and spacious? I’m sure both you and your guests will appreciate the way mirrored doors can enhance the overall beauty of this room and make it look more inviting and comfortable.

Laundry room design.

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Mirrored sliding doors are not only practical but also very stylish

by Blink Photography

Laundry rooms in general don’t get a lot of natural light. They are usually small spaces, purely utilitarian. But there’s no rule against style. Use large mirrors to cover the storage areas and to give the room more dimension. Consider using bright colors such as white for the room for similar reasons.