Matthew Perry’s new Hollywood house

You might remember Matthew Perry from movies or movie series like the famous “Friends” or “Mr. Sunshine”. He’s a famous actor and he’s also the happy new owner of a new home in Hollywood Hills. He recently bought a Mid-Century Modern with a cozy and inviting look, just what a home should be like. He bought the place for approximately $8.65 million and he seems to be really happy with his new purchase.

Matthew Perry home

The house dates back to 1962 so it has a lot of historic value. It’s a vintage steel and glass structure with a beautiful architecture and a very clearly defined structure.

The house features 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, so it’s a relatively small house, suited for a small family or a couple. The whole house measures 4000 sq feet. Besides the bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s also a media room with a screen that rolls up to reveal a picture window framing a view of Los Angeles. So there have been made some changes to turn this place into a more modern and fun place. Moreover, the house is filled with top of the line appliances. These items come in contrast with a cozy fireplaces, but it’s a subtle and soft transition and the overall image is pleasant.

Matthew Perry home1

Matthew Perry home2

Matthew Perry home3

Matthew Perry home4

Matthew Perry home5

Matthew Perry home6

Matthew Perry home7

Matthew Perry home8

Matthew Perry home9

Matthew Perry home10

As you go outside, there’s also a pool waiting to be used. Overall, this seems like a very pleasant and relaxing place, it has the cozyness and comfort of a regular home and it also has a special flair that suggests you the owner is not just a regular guy.{found on aol}.