L shaped KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk by MotoArt

For those who are aviation enthusiast here are a new office desk from recycled airplane parts. The L shape desk is perfect for your office and is available from 8500$. A little expensive for this time, but the table comes with a polished aluminum or powder coat finish and a 1/2inch tempered glass top all from the B-29 Bombers.

The L shape is a very good idea for a desk. It’s probably the best shape when it comes to this furniture piece. It’s very functional and it allows you to be more efficient while working. Working is often not a very pleasant activity, so you might as well try to make it easier by choosing a nice desk. It’s comfortable and functional and it has a very nice design.

The transparent glass top is not just interesting and modern, making it look beautiful and attractive. It’s also very functional and useful Because it’s transparent it allows you to see what’s beneath it. It’s easier this way to see where the item that you’re looking for is. But this also meant you’ll have to be a little more organized because you can’t just stuff in there everything and expect it to look good. Anyone else will see it, so consider this before purchasing it. But other than that I really find this desk beautiful and good-looking.