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15 Ingenious Kids Table Set Ideas – The Perfect Place For Homework, Art Or Play!

As a parent, it’s really important to support the creative side of your children and create that one corner in their room that’s designed for playful and artistic activities. But with the overwhelming amount of kid’s room furniture options, it can be overwhelming in financial and time-related terms to research and eventually buy the right type of product. With that in mind, it’s important for parents to know which product to invest in order to avoid long-term frustration, so we’re going to try and focus on some of the most ingenious kids table set ideas that money can buy without putting parents through too many financial efforts.

Kids Play Space Design Ideas

Even when you come across furniture pieces that you feel would be suitable for your child’s room, it can be confusing knowing how to put all the elements together to create a space that they would actually enjoy being in. Getting the creative juices flowing can be difficult at any age, so we wanted to show you some inspiration that might put you on the right path to knowing how to decorate the living space for your kid to work on whatever creative activities they fancy being engaged in at their age.

#1: Art Room

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set
Image from lonnipaul

One of the greatest things that your child can learn to do at a fragile age is learn how to play an instrument. From a psychological point of view, knowing how to play an instrument is something that creates discipline, helps children learn new information faster and teaches them hand-eye coordination from a young age. As you can see in the image example, this room is centered around the idea that instruments can play a great part of a child’s life, but it doesn’t neglect the playfulness that one must have in a room dedicated for children.

The miniature piano and the drummer’s set occupy their rightful places, but there is also a play table with a miniature town set, and also a creativity table where the little one can sit down and do everything from homework to painting pictures, play with blocks, or do puzzles.

#2: Princess-Style Bedroom

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set
Image from knofdesign

For older girls, we have a suggestion for a bedroom setup that’s fit for a princess. With warm purple tones intertwined with white elements, this is a bedroom for the true girl dreamer. The elements are carefully chosen: from the crystal-like chandelier that’s fit for a royalty bedroom to the fluffy throw pillow that rests upon a lilac-colored comforter. The activities table isn’t missing in this example either, as everyone needs a creativity corner in their room, regardless of their age.

#3: Colorful Children’s Activity Room

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set
Found on wpldesign

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when you look at rooms filled with children furniture and toys, as you can set up a room just like this one without having to spend near as much money as you’re imagining right now. You can let go of some of these toys in favor of others, so try to focus on the big picture instead of the individual pieces found in the room. We have a seating area that’s covered in colorful throw pillows because every child’s room needs drop of color scattered here and there.

The letter carpet is the perfect addition to a room that needs a personalized item. The activity table can be purchased for a lot less than you imagine (and we have some good product examples later in this article) and the kitchen set can be replaced with some other toy that’s more suitable to the interests of your child.

#4: Reader’s Corner for Children

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set
Image from klopfarchitecture

Teaching your child to love books is invaluable, as reading helps spark creativity and teaches the little ones concepts about good and bad, about what it means to be a leader or a dreamer, and basically offers plenty of life-related knowledge that might serve later in the future. As you can see from this particular room example we’ve chosen, it really doesn’t take too much to create a cook-oriented corner for your child.

The large shelves are made from wooden boards that can be repurposed and painted, if need be. The center activities table is actually cheap if you know how to look for one. There is also a storage shelf stand that will provide your little one with space for keeping their art instruments. The most important thing in this room is actually the lighting, so if you have the possibility to set up a child activity room somewhere where plenty of natural light comes in every day, that would be an amazing thing to do.

#5: Basement Repurposing

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set
Design from fosterhill

If you don’t have that much available space in your home to set up an activity room for your child, know that it’s not that complicated to repurpose your dusty basement and turn it into a lovely and intimate corner for your little one to practice creativity, have endless play hours with their friends, or just focus on the activities that bring them pleasure. The large blackboard mounted on the wall is an excellent idea from plenty of different points of view, especially since it’s a way for your child to draw without getting anything dirty and the fact that it can be erased basically provides them with an unlimited canvas to draw over time and time again.

The indispensable activities table set has found its way into this room as well, making sure that your child has a spot where they can do homework or unleash their creative side. There’s also plenty of room alongside the walls for placing all kinds of toys and other types of children’s room furniture.

Ingenious Kids Table Set Ideas

Time to look at some of the coolest but also most practical kids table sets that the market has to offer, in hopes that you’ll find something in this list suitable for your little one(s).

Kids 3 Piece Round Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

With two adorable chairs and a table, the first kids table set that we want to talk about today comes from KidKraft. It’s made from solid and manufactured wood and is available in a white/gray and white/natural combo. Every one of the two chairs measures 20.33” H x 11.51” W x 11.96” D and supports a total weight of 70 pounds. The table itself measures 17.25” H x 23.45” L x 23.45” W and comes with a center storage hole with an 8-inch diameter.

Emilio Kids 3 Piece Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

For those of you with creative kids, we’d like to suggest a creative kids table set that brings forth the elements needed for the little ones to enjoy spending time at a desk and working on all sorts of crafts. Made from manufactured wood, this is a set that includes a table, two stools, four shelves for storing art supplies, and a paper roll holder. The chairs measure 15” H x 13” W x 13” D and have a seating weight capacity of 200 pounds, while the table measures 32” H x 47” L x 31” W.

Wayfair Camborne Kids 3 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Straight from the realm of dreams comes with adorable table and chair set made from manufactured wood. Each of the chairs measures 22.5” H x 14” W x 14” D and combines a weight capacity of 250 pounds, while the kids wooden table measures 19.7” H x 23.6” L x 23.6” W. the combination between white and gray make this set compatible with all sorts of chromatic room combinations, while the delicate geometrical prints add a touch of fairy dust to the whole ensemble.

Peppa Pig Kids 3 Piece Play Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Beloved children’s character Peppa Pig returns with yet another branded item, this time in the form of a table and chair set that’s perfect for daily creative activities. The table comes with a center hole (which can be covered) that provides some additional storage space for writing tools or small toys. The chairs can each support a weight of 50 pounds as they measure 10” H x 5” W x 8” D. The table itself measures 17.72” H x 24” L x 24” W and is made from solid and manufactured wood covered in different shades of pink and Peppa’s face, as well as those of her friends, such as her Magical Unicorn or Suzy the Sheep.

Kids Activity Table

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

If your little one loves to play with Legos or other brick games, this is surely a purchase worth considering. Made by KidKraft, this is a solid and manufactured wood table that measures 15.4” H x 35.5” L x 19” W and comes with two side bins that measure 15.25” L x 11.5” W x 5.3” H each. This brick kids wooden table also includes more than 200 building bricks, so you’re basically buying the activities table and the game all in one fell swoop.

Kahn Kids 5 Piece Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Here is yet another activities table that we’d like to suggest, but this time it’s one that comes with a table and four chair, being the perfect choice for larger families or for those of you with children that often have play dates. Made from birchwood, this is a set that comes with a 20.5” H x 27.5” L x 27.5” W table and four 12” H x 10” W x 10” D chairs that can hold up to 100 pounds in weight.

Ramona Kids 3 Piece Play Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Available in colors such as gray, blue, natural, and white, this children kids wooden table with chairs is another perfect example of how you don’t have to spend big to get quality kid’s room furniture. With a kid-friendly height and a low-border design, this table is the perfect spot for everything from doing homework to working on puzzles for the little ones. The table measures 17.87” H x 25.25” L x 19.12” W, while each of the two chairs measures 19.87” H x 11.25” W x 11.25” D.

Unicorn Kids 3 Piece Square Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

It’s no secret that children have a thing for unicorn (hey, some of us adults still like to believe in them too!) so why not invest in a table set that’s unicorn-themed? It seems like the perfect addition to a child’s room, providing them with a place for crafts and other leisure-related activities. The table measures 17” H x 22” L x 22” W and comes with two chairs that measure 22” H x 11” W x 11” D each and can support a total weight of 80 pounds. The set is made from manufactured wood and comes with pink legs and unicorn-shaped backrests.

Disney Minnie Mouse Kids 2 Piece Activity Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

If there are two Disney characters that we all loved as children, they were surely Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As far as the latter is concerned, it seems to have found its way on this beautiful table and chair set made by Delta Children. The set is made from a table that measures 18.25” H x 19” L x 19” W and a child’s seat that measures 18.13” H x 11.25” W x 12” D. The predominant color is a bright shade or pink, while the tabletop sports that playful faces of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

Cureton Kids 5 Piece Writing Table and Chair Set

If it’s playful colors you’re after, then you have to check out the colorful design of the Cureton kids wooden table with chairs. Around the 17.5” H x 32” L x 24” W table, one can see four colorful chairs (available in yellow, green, red, and blue) that measure 19.5” H x 11.5” W x 10.5” D and have an individual seating capacity of 50 pounds. There are multiple color configurations to choose from, so if you’re looking for something with fewer colors, maybe you’d be more interested in the white table/pink chair combo or the gray table/blue chair set combo.

Bottom Line

There are multiple ways in which you can boost your child’s love for the creative arts and creating a corner in their room where they can focus on such activities is important. Even if you start off small, by investing in a table and chair set, you’ll be creating a space where your little one can scatter their writing and drawing instruments. If not, it still provides them with a space where they can do puzzles, read books, or work on their homework.