Joyful coffee place in Seoul by Design Bono

This is Café Raon, a very stylish and modern space located in Seoul. It was designed by Design Bono and it has a very interesting interior, somewhere at the limit between natural and urban. The name of this place, Raon, signifies “joyful” in archaic Korean. The name is a very good reflection of the whole concept behind this space.

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Café Raon is a limited area in terms of space. However, the designers managed to remodel the space in a way that allows more freedom and creates continuity inside thus allowing for a very harmonious atmosphere to appear. It has sculptural panels that divide the space while also allowing the space to share an overall continuous design. The whole coffee place is like a large forest in a very stylized fashion. The furniture mimics the natural environment with the materials they are made of and with their natural finishes.

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The whole space is like an artificial system inspired by nature. When you enter you have the impression of walking among stylized trees. Of course, the ingenious and unique interior design of this coffee place is not the only element that attracts clients. They can also sit at the bar and a barista shows and explains how the coffee is made and the whole experience is different and worth to repeat. The atmosphere is distinguished but casual and very warm. Café Raon has been designed by Jeong Jina and Ihm Sun You from Bono.