Ingenious space delimitated by Giant Office Supplies

Another creative idea, this time coming from Giant Office Supplies. The idea they proposed radically reorganizes the whole concept of space, Instead of delimitating the space using walls, they came up with the idea of using oversized office supplies carefully placed in key areas to induce the idea of separate office spaces.


Not only that it is original, but it also gives you the freedom to organize your space in any way you wish. This could solve once and for all the problem with claustrophobic persons.

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It’s a very radical idea but when you stop and think about it you say to yourself: “ I can’t believe nobody thought about this until now!”. It’s so simple and yet so complex in terms of all the possibilities that it offers. No doubt it will start a chain reaction, possibly even a tsunami of new ideas throughout the world. If I were the one who came up with this idea I would be extremely proud.