Ike stool created for vintage lovers

Dreimann studio has just designed a height adjustable chair called “ike”. Despite its beautiful design this type of chair isn’t new and revolutionary, this type of sitting can be seen in numerous fields, but more common is between piano player or drummers, where a chair like this is essential if they want to be able to perform. This type of sitting is made from a oak sit and a tubular steel structure. The interesting element of design can be seen at the bottom where the tubular structure splits  into three solid legs.

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This exact kind of structure represents a  the best way to support weight without creating any stress points in the structure thanks to the single body structure. No welding, no screws means  that nothing can’t loosen up or crack over the ears. The idea of creating a chair like this came from a burst pipe. The seat screws into the tubular frame offering the finest height adjustment, and for a fast screwing the seat feature a small hole where you can put your finger and rotate.

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As I have already told you is nothing new about this chair, the  real  challenge was to design a perfect combination between the seat and frame, so the created lines form an aesthetic item with great stability. This ”ike”  sitting piece was presented at the last year Furniture Fair held in Stockholm and  now released on the marked, aims more and more modern interiors with a cold, industrial style.