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The Hyphen Sleep Mattress: Why You Should Consider It

Shopping for a mattress can be exhausting, but it’s a challenge we all have to face. Mattresses give out, and they eventually gather dust and other particles, even when we have great mattress covers and protectors, which lead to problems with allergies and other comfort factors.

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With the online market kicking into high gear, searching for a mattress has become easier. At the same time, knowing what you’re looking for maybe more difficult. That’s why we aim to provide you with informative, unbiased reviews of a variety of mattresses that could meet your needs. One such mattress is the Hyphen, which is an easy solution with great appeal to people who prefer a variety of sleep positions, have particular issues with sleeping hot or joint pain, and don’t want to see a high price tag.

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Hyphen Sleep Mattress
Hyphen Sleep Mattress

Hyphen Sleep Mattress is good for any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

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The Beginning

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While Hyphen as a name brand seems new, the manufacturer is actually a division of Diamond Mattress, a name that is likely far more familiar, since they have been around for more than 70 years. In fact, Diamond has been family owned and operated since 1946, and with that kind of experience backing them, Hyphen has a great start.

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With one of the longest and most informed histories in the bed in a box industry, Hyphen has a lot to offer, including a construction process that saves money, the savings of which are passed along to the consumer. This starts with having their own factory, rather than leasing space or sharing space with another manufacturer. They are able to design, build, and test products all in one location, saving on overhead and creating a direct shipping method, both of which lead to lower cost for the consumer.

The Details

Upon receiving your order, Hyphen will box up your mattress for shipping. As a bed in a box, the standard practice to ship includes compressing and vacuum sealing the mattress in heavy plastic to keep it compressed. Then, the mattress is placed in a box for shipping. If you’re still waiting to move when you order your mattress, you can leave it in the box for up to three months.

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When you unpack the Hyphen mattress, you’ll need to set it up and let it expand. You’ll likely experience some off-gassing, as this is a normal function of the unpacking process. However, opening a window and letting the room where you have your mattress experience good airflow will assure that the off-gassing isn’t odorous and happens quickly. You should be able to sleep on the Hyphen mattress the same night.

Hyphen mattresses ship anywhere in the United States, and in the contiguous U.S. at no charge. While international shipping is not available at this time, Hyphen can ship to Alaska or Hawaii, also free, but if you have to send the mattress back because it doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can only do so for a cost.

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Hyphen Sleep Mattress
Hyphen Sleep Mattress

Hyphen Sleep Mattress is good for any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

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Initial Impressions

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My initial impression of the Hyphen mattress started with the ease of the ordering process. While there is only one mattress to choose from and not a line of different options, this makes the ordering process a breeze. You only need to choose the size of the mattress you need and place your order.

Hyphen mattresses are made to order, so there is a short lead time for the bed to be manufactured. Then, it’s shipped via FedEx ground. In my opinion, this is a great way to work, since shipping is easy to track, and the item arrives typically in perfect condition.

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Upon testing the mattress, I felt that it performed well, and it didn’t have an extremely long break-in period. It’s a medium-firm feel, so I slept pretty well, considering that I tend to change sleep positions through the night. Overall, I’d rate it high on performance versus claims.


The Hyphen is an all-foam mattress, built with three layers of foam that adds up to ten inches of medium-firm loft. The idea behind this construction is to create a single mattress that will appeal to the masses, satisfying the sleep needs of the majority of consumers.

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The Hyphen mattress comes with a cover that is made of polyester, blended with spandex so that it fits onto the mattress perfectly. This keeps it from bunching or shifting during sleep and protects the mattress beneath exceptionally well. The cover is quite soft, and it has a certain thickness to it that makes it feel more durable. At the same time, it’s quite breathable, with plenty of airflow that stays cool.

The initial comfort layer of the Hyphen mattress consists of 2 inches of proprietary foam, created by the Hyphen company itself. This is a soft foam that is conditioned to be responsive but contouring so that you get pressure point relief. It’s touted to be faster in recovery than regular memory foam so that you don’t feel as though you’re sinking in, and you get a little more of a springy feeling than traditional memory foam.

The transition layer is another 2 inches thick, made of a lower density polyfoam that adds a little more spring to the Hyphen mattress. While it still offers some give, it’s sturdier and firmer than the comfort layer, while still retaining that softness required in combination with responsiveness to truly transition to the firmer base. It also helps with responsiveness when you change position, allowing for the pressure you put to recover quickly and contour to your new position.

The base layer is the remaining six inches of the mattress, made of high-density polyfoam. The base has multiple purposes, including the complete support of the structure of the bed itself as well as for the sleeper, who needs that firm structure to avoid sinking in and causing excess compression to the softer upper layers. In addition, the base of the Hyphen mattress lends durability that is long-lasting.

Features and Benefits

There are several stand-out features of the Hyphen mattress that caught my attention, both prior to receiving the product and once I tested it. Perhaps the first benefit I found about the Hyphen bed is that the company is very actively charitable. When they receive a returned mattress that someone decides isn’t right for them during the trial period, that mattress is then donated to a local charity with the idea of making sure more people are able to sleep comfortably. It also means that the product doesn’t end up in a landfill, taking up more space.

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On top of that, once I received my Hyphen mattress, I was highly impressed with how well it contoured to my body and sleep position, as well as how quickly it recovered when I moved. It had the loft and some of the springy sensation you get from a traditional coil mattress without the uneven feel you sometimes get from coils. That same contouring property also helps with motion transfer. I discovered quickly that my very restless husband getting up and down during the night didn’t wake me once, whereas I’m used to being woken at least two to three times a night. This is basically all due to the proprietary design of the custom Hyphen foam.

Perhaps the most impactful benefit of the Hyphen mattress, in my opinion, is that the price point on this mattress is quite affordable. With the way Hyphen operates as a company, utilizing their own factory and not needing storage for mattresses that are made to order, they save a great deal of money, and they can pass on a large amount of savings to consumers. What this means is that you get a mattress with quality similar to some luxury models on the market at a fraction of the price. And that extra savings is something that I find quite exciting.


The Hyphen mattress runs the gamut with sizes, offering every typical size (Twin, Full, Queen, and King), as well as some extended sizes (Twin XL and California King). That means that regardless of the space you’re working with, you can find the right-sized mattress to fill it without the room looking empty or feeling cramped. Upon arrival, it may take two people to unbox and set up the mattress. Even the twin weighs 40 pounds, with perhaps up to an extra 7 pounds of packaging. The Hyphen mattress, like most, is usually a two-person job. But once it’s set up, you’re good to go.

Twin38" x 74" x 10"40 lbs$575
Twin XL38" x 80" x 10"44 lbs$675
Full53" x 74" x 10"55 lbs$800
Queen60" x 80" x 10"66 lbs$950
King76" x 80" x 10"82 lbs$1095
Cal King72" x 84" x 10"84 lbs$1095

Heat Transfer

We all know that one of the worst characteristics of memory foam is that it often holds heat and makes you sweat or wake up feeling overheated in the middle of the night. Neither situation is acceptable when it comes to proper sleep. So, testing heat retention and the ability to disperse that heat and keep you cool is important.

I used a heating pad, which I turned up to the highest setting and let it get hot. I put it on the Hyphen mattress until the temperature of the mattress reached 120 degrees. Then, I removed the heating pad and waited for the mattress to cool down to body temperature, finding that it was back to 98 in about 20 seconds. This is better than average, which tells me that heat retention is minimal.

After sleeping on the mattress for a few nights, I confirmed that the Hyphen does, in fact, stay much cooler than the average memory foam product, so it was far more comfortable for me.


Perhaps the only complaint I have about the durability of the Hyphen mattress is due to the construction of the cover. The fabric itself seems a little thin, and that concerned me. However, there were no loose threads, and the zipper is high quality, so there’s no concern about the teeth breaking, which is nice. I have the feeling that it would take longer than my trial period to determine the durability of the cover, but it held up when washed. Therefore, I still think it is high enough quality.

As for the mattress itself, it was well designed and filled up as expected. The shape was perfect, and it held up to all my tests without the slightest bit of concern for destruction. In my opinion, any claims made by the company about the sturdiness and durability of the Hyphen bed over time will prove true.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

Taking care of the Hyphen mattress is simple. The cover is removable and can be washed in a cool gentle cycle, with the option for tumble drying on low heat. However, because dryer specifications change over time and heating elements are all different, it may be better to hang dry. It doesn’t take long, as long as you have a ventilated area in your home. The mattress can be spot cleaned if needed.

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You get a 100-night trial with the Hyphen bed, pretty standard in the bed in a box industry, to see how the mattress sleeps. You can break it in during this time and really get to know how you feel when you’re on it. I feel this is plenty of time to make your decision. If you aren’t satisfied that the Hyphen mattress is right for you, you return it at no cost during this period. Alaska and Hawaii residents will need to pay shipping for this but will get a full refund of the product.

The warranty is longer than most in the industry, at 20 years. The first 10 years cover the mattress with full replacement, and the next 10 years are prorated based on the age of the mattress. Either way, this is a great deal and really helps you rest assured that the performance is covered.


Compared to other bed-in-a-box mattresses the Hyphen mattress comes in as a fairly inexpensive product, especially for its features. Prices start at $475 for a Twin but even a King is only $875. The Queen, which is the most popular size and the best comparison for other models, is $750. This is again quite a deal in the market.

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Hyphen Sleep Mattress
Hyphen Sleep Mattress

Hyphen Sleep Mattress is good for any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

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Reviews and Feedback

There are a few negative reviews of the Hyphen mattress, but these don’t seem to be regular issues. For example, there are a couple of people who have said that their mattress covers began to fray within a month. This could be care and maintenance issues or a manufacturer mistake. Either way, something like this is easily remedied through the warranty. Others stated that they had some smelly off-gassing. Again, they may not have had enough ventilation or may have been hypersensitive to the smell.

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Overall, the Hyphen bed gets great ratings, and I have to agree that I wasn’t disappointed in this mattress. Personally, I liked the medium-firm feel and the lack of motion transfer. I also liked that it stayed cool enough for me to sleep through the night, even with the heat on in my bedroom. Overall, from what I’ve read, the feedback is quite positive.

Our Final Verdict

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In the end, I feel that I would much rather pay for the Hyphen mattress than similar models on the market due to the heat dispersal abilities and the lower price point. It contours properly to help relieve my joint and muscle pain, as described by the manufacturer, and while the brand itself doesn’t have a long history, its ownership does. Therefore, they’ve had a good amount of time and practice, as well as feedback, to help create a mattress that’s good for the masses.

I also feel that the warranty and trial period are essentially perfect, without worry or hassle and lengthy enough to give you peace of mind without dragging on so long (in terms of the trial) that you forget when that period ends. I’d say that the Hyphen mattress is perhaps one of the best bed-in-a-box options, especially for a company that doesn’t offer multiple models, that can satisfy any sleeper in any circumstance.

20% off
Hyphen Sleep Mattress
Hyphen Sleep Mattress

Hyphen Sleep Mattress is good for any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

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Is a mattress cover needed?

The Hyphen comes with a removable mattress cover, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

How does the returns process work?

The Hyphen mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, and if you aren’t happy with your mattress after that time, you can return for a full refund. Residents outside the contiguous U.S. need only pay shipping. Returns are free in the continental U.S.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Hyphen mattresses can ship all throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Is the loft adjustable?

No, the loft is medium-firm, with only a single mattress product. However, this suits multiple types of sleepers.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

Any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

Best for what sleep position?

Medium-firm mattresses tend to suit most sleepers, but the Hyphen mattress, while versatile, works best for side or back sleepers.


Cover – Polyester/spandex

Fill – Proprietary Hyphen memory foam/polyfoam

Base – High-density polyfoam


  • Construction allows for great heat dispersal
  • Contouring lives up to demands for pressure point relief
  • Excellent 20-year warranty for reassurance
  • The reasonable price point for the quality


  • May have durability issues with the cover
  • Single firmness/loft available