How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Experience

We shouldn’t have to take a trip to the spa every time we want to feel pampered. There is no reason why our own bathroom can’t have that luxurious and lavish feel to it. Of course you can’t have a beauty therapist waiting by the door every time you want an aromatic facial or a hot stone massage. But you can transform your bathroom so that it boasts a relaxing and soothing feel, coupled with the glamorous and VIP edge of a spa. Read on to discover some top tips for turning your bathroom into a spa experience…

Sunken bathtub.

Bathroom candle

A sunken tub will instantly give your bathroom that five star treatment it deserves. You cannot deny how glamorous and luxurious this type of bath looks. And nothing emulates the spa feeling better than slowly stepping down the steps into warm and soothing water. Sheer bliss!


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Who wouldn’t want to soak in the tub and watch their favourite TV show after a hard day at work? Entertainment and relaxation; the perfect blend. What’s more, there will be no more arguments about what to watch in the family room, you’ll be more than happy to leave the men to their football whilst you watch the soaps surrounded by bubbles.

Neutral colours.

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It can be very tempting to go for bright colours as they are stimulating and energetic, meaning that you are instantly drawn to them. Nevertheless, when you are in the bathroom you want to relax, and thus neutral colours are by far the best option.

Infinity mirror.

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Mirrors present you with the perfect opportunity to add style and personality to your bathroom, yet so many people fail to take advantage of this. If you are guilty of owning a plain rectangular mirror, then upgrade to an infinity mirror. This is the ideal accessory for creating a spa experience. The never-ending illusion is mind-blowing, and what’s more is that these mirrors are great for those looking to make their bathroom appear bigger than it is.


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Simple? Yes. Cliched? Probably. Effective? Most definitely. Placing candles around your bathroom may seem like an obvious solution, yet so many people do this because it is extremely relaxing. Not only this, but this is a cost effective way of beginning the transformation from a standard bathroom to a spa worthy one. Just be mindful when lighting them and don’t forget to go for a gorgeous scent.

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