How To Make A Beautiful Mini Garden With Recycled Items

It’s always nice to have a green feature in your home, whether it’s a potted plant on your window sill, a hanging air plant or a mini garden on your porch or balcony. Speaking of which, you can create your own little garden using recycled items like old furniture or boxes. We find this idea very interesting and intriguing so we decided to put together a list of projects you can try at home.


If it’s your first time making a garden then you can start with a very simple project like the one on ilhdesignblog. You could make your very own salad garden where you grow salad, lettuce, spinach, radishes and other things. Plant these in wine boxes. It’s a great way to recycle and to make something new and useful at the same time.

strawberry pallet planter

Wooden pallets are another great resource which you can recycle in a large planter or miniature garden. The first step would be to select the pallets. They need to be in good condition and to not have been treated with chemical insecticides. It would also be useful to find a pallet that has six or nine planks on its surface so you can it into three-plank sections. You’ll need three sections to make the main frame for the planter. You’ll then add the sides. Then fill it with soil and compost. You can line the planter with landscaping fabric. {found on lovelygreens}

Pallet vertical garden

A single pallet can also be turned into a vertical garden. Attaching the pallet to a wall is easy and so is making labels for all the herbs or plants you plan to put in it. Use chalkboard paint on the front boards and you’ll then be able to write on them with chalk. You can staple landscaping fabric to the pallet to make the pockets or you can add some wood boards.

old chair turned into a planter

Old chairs can make lovely planters and the transformation is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. Don’t worry about a damaged seat or backrest because you won’t be needing these parts anyway. So take out the seat and only keep the frame. Staple some chicken wire into the seat area and this will become the planter. {found on simplycountrylife}

White chairs turned into planters

Ponderedprimedperfected also shows how to make a chair planter from a chair that doesn’t have a removable seat. In this case you have to cut a hole in the seat and put a hanging wire basket in that spot. You can then turn the basket into a usable planter by lining it with landscaping fabric or with moss.

Whimsical dresser planter

In case you have an old dresser you don’t need, consider turning it into a planter. Actually, you’ll be turning the drawers into planters. Line them with plastic sheets to make them waterproof and then you can just add the soil and everything else. Paint the dresser a nice color and you can put it out on your porch or even keep it inside the house. {found on eclecticallyvintage}.

wood planter design

To make a hanging wall planter like the one described on shanty-2-chic, you’ll need some pine wood, a drill, wood glue, spray paint and rope. Building the actual frame is pretty easy. It will have three shelves on which to display small pots. You’ll hang the planter from a wall-mounted hook using rope. You can customize it in a lot of ways, using any paint color you want.

concrete planters for garden

If you want to make your own outdoor garden, you have to think of something on a larger scale. For example, you could build some concrete planters. You’d need a mold for each one and you can make that out of some scrap wood. Give the planters any shape and size you want. They’d fit nicely in a modern back yard.

raised beds for garden

You can also make some great outdoor planters out of wood. Just think of them as simple boxes. This is a great idea if you want a garden that’s well-organized and easy to care for. In addition, you can also easily bring the plants indoor during the cold season and keep enjoying fresh herbs and vegetables in winter.

raised vegetable beds

These raised vegetable beds have interesting shapes. They look like puzzle pieces or Tetris blocks and you can arrange them in a lot of fun ways. Create eye-catching geometric arrangements with your planters and make the garden stand out.

raised vegetable beds project for garden

Whether you’re building the planters for the garden yourself or you’re buying them, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some have really interesting shapes like this star-shaped one. It can easily serve as a focal point and can be placed at the center of the garden.

corner raised beds

Simpler designs can also look wonderful. Consider defining your deck or porch with large planters. Fill them with herbs or colorful flowering plants. They’ll form a barrier between the deck and the yard and they’ll also offer you privacy and something nice to look at.