How To Install A Garage Door Properly

To install a garage door, you need to know a few things before you begin. Small garage door repairs are easy but the first time you install a garage door, it can be overwhelming. Take it slow and you will do great.

how to install a garage door

The most important difference between a regular add-on and a garage add-on is the garage door. That’s because any other add-on will look very similar to another, but a garage is easy to spot due to the garage doors.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure you have your garage door installed properly. If it isn’t, thieves will be able to break in easily and the garage door can pose a safety hazard to anyone who operates it.

How To Install A Garage Door

garage door installation
Contractors repair garage door panel replacement

Learning how to install a garage door shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, anyone can learn how. You only need to know how to operate simple power tools and keep a friend on hand to help keep you safe.

The most important part of installing a garage door is reading the owner’s manual. Most garage doors will come with an owner’s manual. Follow the instructions step-by-step. If it doesn’t come with one, there are other options.

You can go online and find a pdf for the guide of the door you have purchased. If all else fails, then hiring a professional is your best option because it’s important the garage door is as safe as can be.

Garage Door Installation Guide 

Garage Door Installation Guide 

In this guide, we will teach you how to remove an old garage door and install a new one safely. While following the guide made for your specific garage door is necessary, here are simple steps that may help as well.

Step 1: Unlock The Door

This doesn’t mean unlocking the door with a key, but rather releasing the tension in the torsion spring. This needs to be the first step. Otherwise, the garage door will spring back on you and can cause injuries.

So start by clamping pliers onto the torsion spring shaft and wedging the pliers against the header wall above the door. This is one of the safest ways to start. Then, insert a steel rod into one of the holes in the spring winding cone.

From here, you can start loosening the screws holding the tension in the torsion spring and use the steel rods to loosen the spring one-quarter turn at a time. Do this slowly until both springs are loosened.

Step 2: Remove Door Panels

Now it’s time to get started. Remove the top panel and the hinges connected to the panel below it. Disconnect the track by unscrewing it from the doorframe. Be careful not to let any panels fall on you.

If working with glass panels, use two people and be careful not to break them. So if you are replacing the garage door opener, you can remove this while you’re at it to save time later. If you are leaving it, then that is fine. 

Step 3: Attach Panels

Attach hinges to the top of each panel before placing them on the garage door. Place the bottom panel into the door opening and hold the panel upright by driving a nail into the wall next to the panel.

From there you can continue to attach the panels and hinges, ensuring that the groove of the upper panel rests on the ridge of the one below it. This will prevent leaks and ensure that the garage door can close.

Step 4: Check The Track

How to install a garage door with motor

Secure the top half of each hinge to the panel above and place the wheeled axles into the side hinges. Then do the same for the top and bottom supports. Test out the wheeled axles to make sure they slide along the track.

Finally, attach the door cable to the hook on the bottom panel axle support. Make sure all of the hinges are secure and all of the brackets are installed properly. 

Step 5: Install The Spring

Put together the pieces to support the spring assembly and attach them to the track. Rest the curved part of the track on the vertical piece and attach the other end to the ceiling bracket. Then bolt the tracks together.

Attach the spring anchors and then attach the spring locking cone then bolt the two springs securely to the main header bracket. Don’t worry, you’re almost done!

Step 8: Secure The Torsion Rod

Slide the torsion rod into the holes in the side header brackets and attach the pulleys to the end of each rod. Level the center of the assembly and secure the center header bracket to the center mark on the header.

Pull the cable up from below, and attach it to the pulley wheel on both sides. Remove the slack by turning the wheel and sliding the wheel to the header bracket. Tighten a pair of locking pliers to the rod on the outside of the bracket.

Step 9: Finishing Up

Use the steel rods to tighten the spring by turning then the opposite way that you did earlier. When it feels right, then lock it in place, and remove the pliers from the torsion rod. Your garage door should open and close smoothly now.

How To Repair A Garage Door

How To Repair A Garage Door

There are a few problems that may be able to be taken care of without replacing your garage door. Here are the most common problems people face with garage doors and the simple fixes for them.

Noisy Garage Door

While there are a few reasons garage doors may be noisy, the easiest way to take care of them is to replace the hinges. Some WD-40 might do the trick, but if not, replace the hinges. If replacing the hinges doesn’t work, you can try replacing the rollers.

Frozen Garage Door

Winter months can freeze your garage door up and make it impossible to use. Sometimes, you can see what part is frozen and thaw it out. Other times, you will need to install methods like hoods or heaters to keep things working. 

Garage Door Opener Not Working

If the garage door opener isn’t working, you may need to replace it rather than your garage door. You can find garage door openers online that are amazing! We will talk more about that later on and go over some great garage door openers. 

Garage Door Not Closing All The Way

If your garage door won’t close all the way, it could be an issue with the photo-eye. This isn’t a bad thing, because the photo-eye is a safety feature that uses an infrared beam to prevent your garage door from closing on someone. 

To fix it,  adjust the pivot bracket so the photo eyes line up properly. Make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the view that would cause the safety feature to activate. 

Old Springs

If your garage is opening slowly or is wobbly, there’s a good chance that the springs need to be replaced. You can check them to see if they look rusty or are pulled apart. Contact a professional for the best results. 

Old Garage Door Panels

You can replace your garage door panels to get an upgraded look. There are many different types of garage doors that you can choose from so find out what works for you. Take that chance when your garage panels are worn out to upgrade. 

Garage Door Upgrades

There are a few things you can do to your garage door to upgrade it. You can add windows, get a door made of wood, or simply paint your garage door for a quick and cheap way to upgrade it. Here are more ideas. 

Garage Door Opener

Getting a good garage door opener can save you a lot of time and a lot of trouble. Automatic garage door openers can also save money because doing things manually can be hard on your garage door and it won’t last as long.

Garage Door Threshold

A garage door threshold can help you keep moisture out by creating a seal under your garage door. This is a lifesaver for your tools, car, and anything else you want to keep dry and safe in your garage.

New Garage Door Panels

These days, there are more than just one or two types of garage doors. You can get barn door garage doors, sliding garage doors, and more. So look into the different types of garage doors before settling on something basic. 

Hiring A Professional

I always like to mention that hiring a professional for your project is preferred. This is because they have been trained to do their job safely and efficiently. Safety should be the top priority for your family. 

Since installing a garage door can be dangerous, it’s important that the person installing it knows what they are doing. Not only can it be dangerous to install it, not installing it properly can pose a threat later on.

That said, if you are set on learning how to install a garage door, you can hire someone to lend a hand. This way, you can do it yourself while still having someone there to help out and guide you along the way.