How To Design A Garden – 16 Stylish Tips

Not everyone has a green thumb but this doesn’t mean the rest of us should give up the idea of having a beautiful garden altogether. Maybe all you need are a few tips on how to organize, design and make your garden look stunning.

One step at a time.

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If your property is on a sloped site then you should include 3 or 4 steps into your garden’s design. Our suggestion? Make them look organic and natural. Use stone for example and give them a rough around the edges look.

Make an arch.

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You know those beautiful arched gates with flowers and plants climbing all the way around them? They always look so romantic and beautiful. They’re not that difficult to get right so maybe you can have one for your garden.


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There’s more than one way in which you can recycle in the garden. Our way includes an old chair turned into a planter. You just have to carve out the seat to make room for the flowers and soil.

Create a colorful focal point.

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It’s important to know where to make people look. Design a colorful focal point. You can use recycled and repurposed elements but whatever you do don’t forget the brightly-colored paint and the vibrant flowers.

Save space with a vertical garden.

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Not everyone has a huge garden to design and decorate but even with limited space you can still get what you need. Use recycled wooden pallets to make vertical gardens which you can either place inside or outside the house.

Make a deck from pallets.

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And speaking of wooden pallets, you can also use them to make a nice deck for your garden, like a safe zone where you can maybe put a chair or two and a small table and create a tranquil sitting area.

Use wood for the pathway.

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There’s a variety of materials which can be used for the pathway and wood is one of them. Use it if you want this portion of the garden to look rustic or if you want to emphasize the contrast between wood and other materials like stone.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

Decorate with rocks.

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The best decorations for your garden can be found in nature. Use rocks to frame your flower beds or the pathway. A few big, sculptural rocks can be used as artistic pieces for the garden.

Make a hideaway for the kids.

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Teach the kids how to enjoy nature, invite them to explore the garden and to have fun by building a small hideaway. You can make it out of pole beans but there are other interesting options to explore as well.

Add light.

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Don’t let the garden become gloomy at night. Make it look magical with some lovely light fixtures. These glowing planters are an excellent example of how you can combine two useful functions in one simple design.

Plant succulents on rocks.

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Your garden succulents don’t really need the usual containers and pots when you can use actual rocks. It’s a much more interesting option, not to mention that the combination looks awesome.

Make your flowers beds stand out.

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Be creative and come up with original designs for your flower beds. This cute design looks like a white river of flowers poring out of that vase. A very artistic idea.

Build a fire pit.

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Find a spot in your garden where you can build a fire pit. Use big rocks and grass to make it look unique. You can place a bench or a few chairs around it so you and your guests can relax in the middle of nature.

Built your own chair.

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Instead of just taking a usual chair and placing it in the garden, why not make one yourself. Use a tree stump as a base and the seat and the backrest can be from an old chair which you can repaint.

Use tree stumps creatively.

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A chair isn’t the only thing you can design using a tree stump. You can also turn one into a beautiful planter. Depending on the side and shape, you can come up with your own version.

Collect water.

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Your garden needs a constant supply of water if you want it to remain green and fresh. So collect water and don’t rely on rain to take care of this task for you. You only need to spend a few minutes each day watering the garden and it will look amazing.

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