How to create a vintage interior décor for your bathroom

When decorating a home, the bathroom usually comes on second place. It often gets neglected along with other small spaces. But creating a pleasant ambiance in the bathroom is very important. So, even though most often bathrooms are cold, white spaces, you should try something else if you want your bathroom to be inviting and stylish at the same time. For example, a vintage décor would allow you to do that. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

For the plumbing.

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Corner free standing tub

For the bathtub, you should opt for a claw-foot porcelain design since these are classical in vintage homes. Porcelain was also one of the most popular materials in those days, an element due to the fact that it was a very easy to clean surface.

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The cabinet on the right side add also a touch of vintage

A pedestal sink would also look beautiful in a vintage bathroom. For a pleasant and inviting look, choose a curvy design with delicate lines. Then it’s time to choose the toilet. Vintage toilets usually have a detached tank and a chain handle so you should look for one of those.

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Choose bronze to add a vintage feel

The materials are also important. For example, shiny metals and especially chrome create a modern look while dull metals such as copper, wrought iron, nickel and bronze are more suited for a vintage look.

For the flooring.

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Wood and marble for bathroom

When you say vintage you usually think of wood. It’s a warm material that looks better with age. So you could try oak flooring for the bathroom or any other type of wood. If you want something more practical, you can opt for tiles. Consider using marble-print tiles for a Victorian look. The tiles should be hexagonal.

The accent pieces.

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Turquoise bathroom with a chandelier

In order to create a vintage feel in the bathroom you also need to use some accent pieces. For example, install a small chandelier to create a more intimate and elegance décor. Make sure the size is right. If you don’t want a chandelier you can try individual light fixtures that extend off the wall such as boxy lanterns or globe fixtures.

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Gorgeous wood cabinet

For the furniture, you should opt for varnished wood. You could choose a cabinet or, if you want to save some space, you can install a series of shelves which were a more common choice in the earliest bathrooms.

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Choose a big framed mirror for bathroom

Other vintage decorations that you can use include beveled mirrors with metal frames, old-fashioned glass jars, antique glass jars for soap, shampoo and everything else or even an antique chair with a linen-lined seat and a wooden frame.

The colors.

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Cool vintage combination between wall and floor

The colors you can choose for a vintage bathroom are not that many. For example, a very common choice would be an all-white bathroom. If you prefer something else, less cold, you can opt for soft, pastel accents such as pink, turquoise or blue. Earthy browns, greens and reds can also be a choice if you want to create a warm atmosphere.

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