How To Accent Your Home With Trendy, Rustic-Inspired Pieces

Raw and textural. Organic and effortless. Rustic styles are at the top of the trending decor boards. It can look sweet and sophisticated but still relaxed and welcoming, which is perfect for home decor. Wooden pieces and neutral fabrics can come together to make some of the most cozy and fashion-foward decor around. But what can you do to start transforming your home little by little without buying new furniture sets for expensive prices? Sit back, relax and let us show you some quick and simple ways to accents your home with rustic-inspired pieces.

1. Woven Mats.

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A natural, woven mat amongst a room of stark whites or modern finishes could be just what you need to create a bit of warmth and rustic appeal. Whether you decide to place it under the ottoman or coffee table as a focal point of the living room, or just use it as a mat for the comings and goings of the house at the front and/or back doors.

2. Random Rocking Chair.

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In the corner adorned with a fun pillow or cozy blanket. Spray painted white, distressed with sand paper and put out on the front porch to experience the beautiful summer nights in. Or upstairs in the nursery ready to be used to rock the baby to sleep or read a bedtime story in. They’re easy to find, quick to makeover and the perfect accent for just a pinch of rustic inspiration.

3. Mason Jars.

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These are the perfect little tid bits to rusticly spruce up your home. Filled with fresh flowers on the dining room table. Lit up with a tea light on the mantle. Mason jars can literally do or be anything you need or want them to be. You can even color them to match your home’s decor with a simple DIY.

4. Wooden Mirrors.

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Mirrors are always a choice option for new home decor. They open up the walls, give extra light and create the illusion of more space and depth in the room. But when you place a wooden frame around that mirror you’d got the rustic style that you’re looking for on top of all those pluses.

5. Distressed Benches.

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Whether you decide to paint it a new color and distress it yourself or find a vintage piece that’s  perfect for your place, these worn out benches are the perfect bit of character and rustic pizazz to start creating the vision of your dreams. At the dining room table or somewhere unsuspecting in the office, these seats will cause a nice stir in the house.