Best Housewarming Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

Finding a best housewarming gift for someone is pretty easy when the receiver is just starting a new chapter in a new place and doesn’t already have everything one can possibly wish or imagine. The list of gift options for a housewarming party is quite vast and even if the person you have in mind already has all the basic things needed in a new home, you can still find something interesting to offer as a gift. The examples we gathered here are pretty great and they’ll actually make you want to keep them for yourself so make sure to order two.

Serving dishes and trays

Serving dishes and trays - Wood

When someone has all the basic things they need, think of something fancy, an upgrade for something they already have. For example, offer them a set of beautiful bowls like this one created by Steven Chavez and Justin English. They’re crafted of layers of soapstone and acacia wood and they’re perfect for both hot and cold dishes, maintaining the temperature longer than your average bowls.

Lazy Susan With Servin Tray

A nice gift for a family or someone who likes to entertain a lot, this lovely Lazy Susan with serving dishes would be just perfect. The set is composed of a rotating base made of acacia wood and five ceramic dishes which are removable for easy cleaning and serving. The design is simple, casual and modern and created by Dennis Cheng.

Wood serverware plate

Another nice gift idea for someone who enjoy delightful friendly gatherings is this wood serverware plate that you can get for $20. It’s simple and practical, made of bamboo wood and it has handles that make it perfect for carrying dishes or snacks. This is also something that eco-friendly types would appreciate.

Handle Wooden Bowls

These wooden serving bowls are pretty awesome too. They have the same modern and chic look as all the other serving accessories we described so far and they’re pretty special because of their design. These are basically wooden bowls with handles. They’re easy to carry and maneuver and they’re both water and stain-resistant.

Pizza Tray Housewarming Gift

If the person you have in mind likes to bake pizza every now and again, you could make all of that easier on them with this beautiful set of trays and boards. It’s a series of four accessories made of solid natural wood and they’re all lightweight and heat-resistant so they can be used in the oven, making the process of baking pizza easier and more enjoyable. Get the Pizza Board for $20.

Cool clocks

On the Other Hand Clock

With a clever name like “On the Other Hand”, this wall clock is more than just an accessories that helps you tell time. It’s in fact a beautiful sculpture for a space like the living room or office. The clock was designed by Arra David and Anne Johnson and has individual hands for hours and minutes displayed separately. You can hang it vertically or horizontally.

Umbra Cage Wall clock

Nobody really buys a wall clock anymore but these things make pretty nice gifts, especially the ones with interesting and unusual designs. The Cage wall clock is one such example. Its role is both functional and decorative, featuring a wooden base with a metal cage and a continuous movement mechanism.

Flip Clock Automatic Design

Table clocks are not exactly popular either these days, given that everyone has a smartphone and all sorts of other gadgets able to show time among other things. That means you can pretty much be sure that the person you’re buying the gift for doesn’t already have a clock. Be creative and get them an interesting one like this Automatic Balance Flip Clock.

A cool fridge bottle rack

Cool storage for beers

It’s clever and unusual things like this Cool Loft that nobody ever gets for themselves. This is what makes accessories like this one such a great housewarming gift option. So what exactly is the Cool Loft? It’s a storage strip system which can be attached to the interior of a fridge and used to keep bottles cool and organized. Attach it to the ceiling of a refrigerator and the magnets will hold a six pack of your favorite drinks.

Not your usual candles

Teak Pillar candles

Candles aren’t exactly a great housewarming gift but that’s because you’re thinking of the usual boring type that doesn’t really offer anything interesting in terms of style, looks or function. However, if you know someone who genuinely likes candles and has recently moved into a new home, get them the Covetable Candles which come in hand-carved candleholders made of teak wood. They have exquisite and sculptural designs that show off the unique texture and knots in the wood.

A smart vase

Bedside Smartphone Vase

A vase is one of those things you gift someone when you’ve really ran out of better ideas. But that’s actually not true in the case of the Smart Vase. That’s because the vase is also a smartphone dock. Gift this to a person that enjoys this sort of gadgets and quirky things and they’ll appreciate it even if flowers are not their favorite thing in the world.

Modern glass terrariums

Modern glass terrariums

Terrariums are really trendy right now. They’re perfect for chic modern homes and contemporary spaces. They’re also really easy to customize and to care for. Consider offering something like this as a housewarming gift. There are plenty of options to choose from like this series of indoor garden planters made of 50% recycled material.

Geometric Terrarium

Geometric designs are also really popular these days so you could shoot two birds with one stone, metaphorically of course. Check out this $40 terrarium handcrafted from 2mm clear glass and with copper foil accents. You can fill it with pebbles or sand and succulents or you could use air plants.

Cute bird feeders

Modern bird feeder

Cute little birds are everywhere, even in the big cities. It doesn’t really matter if you like in a house or an apartment because cute bird feeders like this one can lure them with delicious seeds and a small roof that offers protection from the rain. So what do you say? Would you give some poor birds a nice home? Or maybe you know someone else who would. {found on etsy}.

Teacup bird feeder

This tea cup bird feeder is a cute in a whole different way. It’s made of a pretty vintage cup and saucer and you could hang it from a tree branch of put it in front of your apartment window. It would make a really best housewarming gift although personally I’d just keep it for myself. Given the design, you could make the gift a bit more special by crafting the bird feeder yourself.

Accent shelves

Umbra small shelf

The great thing about independent wall shelves is that they can be added at any time without necessarily being linked to the existing furniture or the bookshelves and wall units in the room. So think about it. Would a beautiful shelf be something that one might like to receive as a housewarming gift? If the answer is yes then head over to umbra to find a bunch of great designs.

Floating wall books shelf

The Conceal is one of our favorites. These shelves are designed to make books float by transforming the way they are usually stacked on shelves. The actual shelf is completely hidden inside the bottom book and this makes the whole stack appear to be floating in mid air.

Spice storage kits

Spices wood box

How do you store your spices? Did you manage to come up with a good system yet or maybe you wish someone would have offered you a spice gift box when you first moved into your new home? Maybe you could be a good sport and do this for someone else. We found a really nice set that you can buy for $24.99 on worldmarket.

Travel spice kit

For the person in your life who likes to travel a lot but also enjoys cooking, you could pick this travel spice kit as a gift. It allows the user to take their favorite flavors on the road so they can always enjoy a taste of home.

Smart home gadgets

Ring doorbell video

A smart door bell is a nice commodity but few of us actually get one for themselves. If you’re the kind of person who likes to offer practical gifts that people can use daily, then how about a Ring doorbell that lets the user see who’s at the door without even getting up? It’s all done via smartphone.

Nest thermostat

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a thermostat that learns your program and preferences and adapts for maximum efficiency and comfort? You’d be crazy not to want something like this but who would actually invest in something like this when there are other more important things to take care of? If you were to receive the Nest thermostat as a gift then it would be a completely different story and the person who gave it to you would be a real hero.

A smart scale

Withings Body Cardio Heart Health and Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

Some might think getting a scale as a gift is a hint that they need to lose weight but the meaning behind such a gesture changes when the features are actually quite impressive and worth some admiration. The Withings scale has a pretty smart brain, being able to accurately show body fat, bone mass and water measurements, to asses heart rate and to show everything in the smartphone app via Wi-Fi.

A tiny luggage vacuum

Winzip for your luggage

Isn’t it annoying how much space those fluffy sweater occupy in a suitcase? That’s actually because they pack a lot of air. Get rid of that and you get more space in the luggage. That can be done with a thing called Vago which is basically a tiny pocket vacuum that sucks all the air out of your luggage so you can save space and pack more. Gift this to someone who travels often so who could use the extra space.

Quirky planters

Boxcar Succulent Planters

Quirky little planters like these ones are a nice way to add a little bit of green and freshness to a home without having to worry much about maintenance. The Boxcar planters also have another interesting feature. They can be used separately or the three of them can be linked together to form a large planter which can be displayed as a centerpiece on along a window sill.

Funny pillows

Funny Pillows

One can never have too many pillows, or at least that’s what they say. We tend to agree. It’s fun to have multiple pillows to choose from and to replace them every once in a while. That being said, you can’t really go wrong with a gift like this, especially if it’s a housewarming gift. The vegetable pillows are both funny and cozy.

Vintage camera pillows

These vintage camera pillows would make a nice gift for someone who’s passionate about photography. They’re designed using original photos taken by Ronda J. Smith of In The Seam and they design is painted on cotton sateen.

Fancy cat nap pillow

When it comes to naps we should learn from the best. Cats are experts since they sleep all day long and the Cat Nap pillowcase set was actually inspired by these cute, cuddly and always sleepy creatures. They’d be a nice gift for the cat lovers in your life.

A fancy wine rack

Fancy wall wine rack

A sculptural wine rack like the Flow would look beautiful pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t even take up that much space which makes it a thoughtful and fancy gift even for someone that lives in a small place. Moreover, the design is simple, versatile and sculptural and would serve as a lovely focal point.

A fancy aerator

A fancy aerator

Since we’re talking about wine and stuff, a fancy aerator would also be a pretty great housewarming gift for someone who apparently has everything. The Modena wine aerator adds a touch of magic to this whole process of wine oxygenation, being crafted out of glass with a delicate and exquisite form.

An interesting table lamp

Cool table lamp

How about a table lamp? It might not seem like much but it’s something one would really appreciate as a gift when they actually need one. The Bent lamp has a really interesting design based on an optical illusion. It looks interesting both when turned off and when it’s lit up.

Scented oil diffusers

Scented oil diffusers

To the person who has everything you could offer something meant to make the ambiance enjoyable or to add a nice scent to the home. We’re talking about things like scented candles and oil diffusers and it just so happens that we found a nice set on westelm. Both the candle and the diffuser look stylish and chic.

Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser

The InnoGear essential oil diffuser is pretty fancy too, with its lovely wood grain finish and ultra quiet technology designed to avoid disturbing those around during sleep. It produces soft mist and has seven color-changing LED lights as well as four timer settings.

A magnetic key holder

KeyHolder for Wall

Nobody likes to waste time looking for their keys so spare someone the trouble by gifting them a simple and practical key holder. Keycatch is exactly that. It’ quite the unusual accessory, being essentially nothing but a screw with a strong magnet at one end. You can attach it to a light switch or pretty much anything that has a screw you can replace.

A state-shaped cutting board

State cutting board

A gift such as this one could be a nice option for someone living in the states or who has some kind of connection to one of the states. There’s a whole series of custom cutting boards, each shaped like a different state. Pick the one that holds a significance for the receiver and be proud of your original idea.Available on Aheirloom.

BBQ tools

BBQ Tools

What’s the first thing you do after you move into a new house? Well, invite your friends and family over of course. If you have a nice yard then a barbecue would be just perfect for the occasion. How cool would it be to have someone offer you the perfect gift: a set of bbq tools? The monogrammed Williams-Sonoma set would be just right.

Steel sliding skewer

Similarly, a set of stainless steel skewers would also be a pretty neat gift for such an occasion. Be inspired with a housewarming gift that will be appreciated by everyone. You could get this set for $39.95. The skewers are square-shaped and have sliding disks for quick removal of the cooked foods.

Art deco bookends

Art deco bookends in gray

A set of bookends can be a thoughtful and stylish housewarming gift for anyone, even if their book collection is not exactly something to be proud of. The bookends themselves can serve as decorations in a variety of ways. These stone bookends have brass inlays which give them an elegant, geometric look.

Home décor

Marble wood gemetric objects

Not everything in a home has to have a functional purpose. Sometimes we just like things because they look good. Every home needs one or two such pieces and these things would make wonderful gifts for someone just moving into a new home. These geometric ones feature an exquisite combination of wood and marble. We found them on Westelm.

Wood and marble combination accessories

Another interesting combination is the wood and marble featured by these stylish spheres. They’d look beautiful on a mantel, table or desk. The design is meant to blur the lines between natural and artificial in a simple and elegant way.

For coffee lovers

For Coffee Lovers Housewarming Gift

The Chemex coffee maker adds an elegant touch to the process of brewing coffee. Its design is simple and sophisticated. The coffee makes is made of high quality heat-resistant glass with a wood collar and the coffee is brewed using filter squares. The result is clear and flavored coffee without any bitterness.

Funny doorstoppers

Funny doorstoppers

We don’t really pay much attention to doorstoppers unless we actually value them as decorative accents for our homes. That’s why they make wonderful gifts. They’re those things that get overlooked but that are also really useful and appreciated. So why can’t they be practical and fun and good-looking at the same time? That is definitely possible and designs like the Opening door stoppers prove that.

Ice cream doorstop

Another interesting example is the Ice Cream door stop which is obviously shaped like an ice cream cone. The fun thing is the cone is upside down, sipping under the door. That’s sure to give someone a good scare.

Stylish coat racks

Stylish coat Rack

If you’re more of a practical type and you happen to know that a coat rack would come in handy in the space someone just moved into, then have a look at these three we found and pick one to offer them as a gift. The Flip wood rack comes in two versions, with four or six hooks. These flip up when not in use to save space.

Wooden coat rack

The Wooden coat rack is a bit different. It’s not meant to be space-efficient although it does that anyway. The hooks are actually wooden cylinders cut at an angle. They look really cute and stylish and they’re perfect for minimalist spaces.

Hello coat rack

Or how about a Hello coat rack that’s practical while also greeting guests with a friendly message? That’s sure to make any space feel like home, just what a new house or apartment needs. You can get this in a cheerful yellow or a toned-down gray.