Historic home in Bruges for sale

This classic-chic residence is located in the center of Bruges, Belgium. The place dates back to 1895 and it used to be the art studio of Florimond Van Acker, a Belgian painter. It’s a three-bedroom home with large windows that also includes a spacious living room, a dining area, a parlor and a kitchen.

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The place is currently owned by artists who have been renovating the house for the past three decades and still haven’t finished. Bruges is a Unesco World Heritage site and it includes many historic buildings just like this one. It’s also under strict preservation regulations so there’s not a lot you can change about the house to make it more modern.

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As for the interior, the ground floor has 15 feet high ceilings and royal shields painted on the walls. The atmosphere is dramatic from the beginning. There’s also a very large wooden fireplace underneath a 17th century painting. The second floor contains the kitchen, the living room, the dining area and a parlor. There’s also a balcony on the same level.

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The third floor contains all three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The house can be bought for 950.000 euros ($1.35 million) and the price also includes most of the furniture. On the main façade’s window there’s a huge trompe l’eoil painting created by artist Charles Dumolin, one of the current owners. This element is protected under preservation regulations.{found on nytimes}