Hilo Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

Your bathroom is the place where you get unplugged from the real world. The bathtub is the object that helps relaxation to control your body and your mind. If your bathroom has a beautiful modern tub, with a beautiful tap from which water is flowing smoothly, then you are the lucky one. If not you should try the next piece.

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The tub is created and designed by Glass Idromassaggio a brand that uses the force of the water to create this beautiful bathroom objects. The tub could come in an oval form or in a rectangular form. In the interior it looks like a normal bathtub but the exterior is pure and beautiful. The designers creates not only bathtubs but everything you need in a bath, so that you keep one pure design.

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Starting from the sink and finishing with tables that go in the same wooden colors. The tub is so stunning that you should put it (if you have enough room) in the middle of the bathroom, so that you respect it. I assure you that the king in you will be born again.

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The tub is dressed in an exterior that looks like wood. The brown contrasts very well with the white interior of the tub. One of the most beautiful things about the tub is the incorporated tap that looks amazing. The tap has chromium buttons to adjust the water intensity, and a handle so that you could select hot or cold.