LeafGuard Gutter Services Review

LeafGuard makes gutter maintenance less cumbersome for homeowners. Climbing a ladder for older adults or homeowners with mobility issues is impractical.

When choosing an installation service, you should consider cost, gutter style, and warranty. Hiring LeafGuard is handy for gutters that require professional installation. The gutter guard company is available in 36 states and has an A+ BBB rating.

LeafGuard Gutters: An Overview


LeafGuard has a team of professionals for gutter cleaning, repair, installation, and replacement. They also install gutter guards and custom-fit gutters to your roof’s design.

LeafGuard has been installing gutter guards since 1993. It has a one-piece reverse curve gutter guard in the market. The company works on all roof types and pitches. LeafGuard gutters are mounted far from your roof shingles. It helps avoid causing damage to your roof or voiding its warranty.

Its one-piece system is available in aluminum. The gutter guard filters up to 32 inches of rain per hour. Like LeafFilter, its close competitor, the brand offers a lifetime clog-free warranty. LeafGuard gutter guards need minimal maintenance, making them ideal for older homeowners looking to age-in-place.

LeafGuard uses aluminum because it’s sturdier and lasts longer than other materials. The brand features a 20% thicker reverse-curve gutter guard than the industry standard. It prevents tree twigs, leaves, and other debris from clogging your gutters.

LeafGuard Gutter Guard Installation

The brand’s professional will do a home inspection to determine the roof’s pitch and design. They also handle the entire installation process. Since you get a one-piece system, they’ll need to remove your current gutters.

Leafguard custom-fits the gutter guards on-site to match your roof’s dimensions. The one-piece system comes with a gutter that connects to the hood filter. It uses liquid adhesive technology to filter debris and only let water flow.

LeafGuard’s gutter guards have a scratch-proof paint finish to enhance their longevity. It helps them withstand cracking and normal wear and tear. The gutter guards are reinforced every two feet to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

The team uses a roll-forming machine to design the gutter guards during installation. They measure each gutter’s pitch to ensure optimal water flow. The team also attaches their patented downspouts to the gutter system.

LeafGuard’s Guarantee

LeafGuard’s capacity exceeds the record by the US Weather Bureau by three times. Its lifetime clog-free guarantee eliminates the hassle of climbing up a ladder.

LeafGuard offers a warranty that covers cleaning, repairs, and replacement. There’s also a lifetime finish warranty which is transferable in case you sell your home.

The warranty covers peeling, rotting, cracking, and structural deformity problems. All claims must result from a manufacturing defect. It should be a defect that occurs under normal wear-and-tear conditions. The installation criteria must also meet LeafGuard standards.

LeafGuard Gutters: Pricing

Like most other gutter companies, LeafGuard doesn’t have a pricing list. You can visit LeafGuard’s official site to get a free quote. The final cost will depend on your location and the intensity of the project.

Before installation, LeafGuard does a free home inspection. The brand has certified technicians who illustrate how the gutter guard system works. They provide a free quote after measuring the linear footage you need.

LeafGuard Financing

LeafGuard partners with Synchrony Bank to offer promotional financing options. You need to make a $99 down payment for installation and pay $99 monthly. Homeowners get repayment plans of up to 132 months.

Homeowners in select states who take part in a 60-90 minute in-home consultation get a $100 VISA gift card.

LeafGuard Gutters: Customer Support

You can call LeafGuard for a free estimate or connect with them via social media platforms. LifeGuard also has a resource center with answers to the most common gutter-related questions.

A photo gallery illustrates how their gutters blend with different home styles. You can reach out to their live customer support team via 888-460-6898.

Why Seniors Should Consider LeafGuard

Most seniors are now choosing to retire at home over assisted living facilities. LeafGuard is a safety addition since they don’t have to climb up the ladder to keep their gutters clean. Its patented one-piece debris-shedding design prevents clogging thanks to the liquid adhesion technology.

The design also keeps water from damaging your foundation, fascia, soffits, and siding. It reduces the maintenance efforts of a senior homeowner. LeafGuard’s team disassembles and disposes of your old gutters at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do LeafGuard gutters withstand heavy rain?

Yes, LeafGuard gutters accommodate up to 32 inches of rain per hour. The gutter guards are reinforced using hangers every two feet to make them sturdy.

What are LeafGuard gutters made of?

They’re made of aluminum which handles heavy rain and lasts longer than other materials. Aluminum gutters are resistant to corrosion and withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. The 0.32 gauge aluminum is the thickest material used in most residential gutters.

Will LeafGuard’s gutter system void my roofing warranty?

No, it won’t. LeafGuard’s gutter system attaches to the roof’s fascia board using brackets. There are no screws or nails hammered into the shingles during installation.

Final Thoughts

LeafGuard is accredited by the BBB and offers a dependable warranty. Its one-piece gutter system helps prevent water damage to your home. There’s ample customer support, and homeowners get free estimates online. Homeowners also get online discounts depending on the gutter services they need.