MyGutterGuards Services Review

Finding a licensed guttering contractor with an excellent reputation can be challenging. You want to hire a competent team to avoid high repair costs. The professionals should have experience installing the most popular gutter types and designs.

MyGutterGuards is a suitable choice for homeowners looking to work with reputable brands. It helps avoid installation mishaps due to poor workmanship. Hiring the wrong team leads to expensive problems like water leaks, mildew growth, and damage to your home’s foundation.

MyGutterGuards at a Glance

MyGutterGuards Services Review

MyGutterGuards makes finding a qualified gutter near you practical. Being an aggregator, there aren’t any direct guttering services that MyGutterGuards offers. Instead, it’s more like a contractor referral service.

The brand refers the homeowner to a third-party service provider. It has an A+ rating on BBB and many positive reviews. Most homeowners use this service when looking for skilled professionals with positive reviews.

The online marketing brand has its main base in California and is run by QuinStreet Inc. MyGutterGuards helps homeowners connect with top-ranking gutter installation companies based on their location.

Homeowners also get to choose guttering services that suit their needs. Some brands do the installation, while others do gutter cleaning and repairs.

MyGutterGuards Pros & Cons


  • Quick and easy referrals
  • Ideal for price comparison
  • Easy access to all gutter services


  • Doesn’t own its patented gutter products

MyGutterGuards Installation Criteria

MyGutterGuards is a referral company. Homeowners get an overview of all gutter companies. All gutter guard types are available, depending on the homeowner’s location.

MyGutterGuards limits its referral services to brands that work with licensed professionals. You can choose brush gutter guards, micro mesh, foam, reverse curve, and guard screens.

Most gutter installation companies on MyGutterGuards install aluminum, copper, steel, and PVC gutter guards. All the gutter guards are designed to suit different ducts with various attachment methods.

Common Gutter Attachment Methods

Some of the attachment methods which brands on MyGutterGuards use include:

  • Hinges: They secure your downspout extension to the gutter system. Incorrect placement will cause your gutter system to malfunction. All brands that MyGutterGuards recommends are proficient in using this attachment method.
  • Under Shingle: Installing gutters under shingles is ideal for added reinforcement. The method requires the help of a professional. If you live in an area prone to windstorms, your gutters may need a different attachment method.
  • Snap/Lock In: Snap Lock gutters attach to the roof without fasteners. The installation company attaches Snap Lock gutters under the roof drip edge using brackets. The bracket is crimped into the trough’s back wall.
  • Resting (in-gutter): Installing the fasteners involves placing the flat vertical part behind the gutter trough. It helps prevent distorting the pitch of your gutters.

Once a homeowner’s needs match with a company, they get a call from MyGutterGuards. Most companies will offer a free estimate after an in-home inspection. The installation should take a few hours or a day.

Other Services & Features

Besides gutter guard installation, MyGutterGuards connects homeowners with gutter cleaning companies. The brand also recommends the most reliable gutter repair companies in your area.

If you want to reinstall or align your gutter system, MyGutterGuards will help you find a qualified contractor. Homeowners also get access to credible installers of miter guards. MyGutterGuards is also the go-to place for homeowners who want to paint their gutters.

MyGutterGuards Review: Pricing

The notable downside with MyGutterGuards is it doesn’t offer free online estimates. Instead, it helps homeowners receive quotes from various gutter guard installation companies.

MyGutterGuards makes it easier to compare quotes from different companies. Most companies that MyGutterGuards recommends don’t offer free installation for their products. Some brands on the platform offer flexible financing options.

MyGuttterGuard Review: Warranty

Most gutter installation companies on MyGutterGuards offer a lifetime, transferable warranty. The brands on MyGutterGuards have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also sell gutter guards designed to work in heavy rain.

Pricing and warranty conditions may vary from one gutter company to the other. Homeowners can compare different companies to find one with the most suitable guarantee.

MyGutterGuards Review: Our Take

MyGutterGuards is a convenient way to connect with competent gutter installation companies. There’s no estimation fee, and the brand’s response time is outstanding. Homeowners compare prices of different gutter guard types based on their location.

MyGutterGuards proposes companies with an excellent BBB rating. It is an ideal platform for homeowners looking for the best deal. The experts recommend the most suitable option based on your needs. They are transparent about a brand’s reputation.