The Grounds Guys Gutter Services Review

The Grounds Guys is a home improvement company whose services include gutter cleaning. Hiring a gutter cleaning team is worthwhile if you have a tight schedule. It’s also a convenient option for homeowners who can’t risk climbing the ladder.

The Grounds Guys at a Glance

The Grounds Guys Gutter Services Review

The Grounds Guys is a lawn care and landscaping company in Orange, Texas. It was launched in 1987 and bought by the Dwyer Group in 2010. The home improvement company offers services in 46 states and Washington, D.C. It has about 180 franchises across the United States.

Besides designing outdoor spaces and groundskeeping, the brand offers gutter cleaning services. Its team of professionals also does snow and ice removal during winter months. The brand provides almost all the services you’d expect from a lawn care company.

Most clients applaud The Grounds Guys for its transparency when it comes to pricing. The home improvement company renders its services to both commercial and residential clients. All its trucks are branded, and experts are licensed to enhance professionalism. The Grounds Guys are ready to show proof of insurance.

The Grounds Guys Gutter Services

The Grounds Guys provide home care services at competitive rates. Their services include gutter cleaning and snow removal. It may be challenging to assess the service quality. Its franchises vary in service delivery and satisfaction.

Snow & Ice Removal

Ice buildup puts weight on the gutters, leading to sagging and overflowing problems. Hiring The Grounds Guys to remove ice from your gutters helps avoid high repair costs. The company also has a crew for commercial snow and ice management.

The Grounds Guys help save time and avoid potential safety risks. Besides removing snow from your gutters, the team identifies other areas with snow. Your lawn, flower beds, curbs, and garden make part of the evaluation.

The team calibrates its snow removal equipment to end over-salting. The Grounds Guys tweak the equipment by tracking your area’s asphalt and dew point temperature.

Gutter Cleaning

The Grounds Guys work with professional-grade equipment when cleaning gutters. Its trained professionals use biodegradable cleaning products. They’re not aren’t harsh to your gutters or home’s exterior.

Homeowners can negotiate for a routine gutter cleaning service. While cleaning your gutters, the cleaning team identifies any water-leaking points. The professional team is punctual, value-driven, and delivers quality results.

The Ground Guys guarantee their gutter cleaning services. Homeowners can raise a concern if dissatisfied. The team will redo the gutters cleaning at no extra cost.

Gutter Repair & Installation

While cleaning your gutters, the experts will advise on remedies if they’re faulty. You’ll get fair repair prices at par with the market rate. The Grounds Guys prefer seamless gutters. You could also pick a gutter type of your choice.

Seamless gutters from The Ground Guys reduce potential leaks. They’re custom-fit to your roof’s length. They only have seams at corners and downspout outlets. The gutters are available in a variety of colors.

The Grounds Guys Review: Customer Support

To schedule a gutter service, homeowners can call The Grounds Guys at (888) 929-8188. Homeowners also have the option to schedule gutter cleaning services via email.

Testimonials suggest that the home improvement service promptly resolves customers’ issues. You can make further inquiries via all major social media channels. The company’s website is easy to navigate, with the cleaning team on standby.

The Grounds Guys Review: Pricing

Homeowners get a free in-home inspection to assess the intensity of the task. The Grounds Guys offer transparent pricing as homeowners know what they’ll pay upfront. Enter your zip code on the company’s website to request an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which method does The Ground Guys use to clean your gutters?

Depending on work intensity, the team uses a combination of gutter cleaning methods. It uses a leaf blower to blow out leaves. The team may use an extension kit if you live in a two-story home.

It helps extend the leaf blower’s reach without posing potential safety risks. The professional team might use a power washer if it rains before the appointment. Power washers help get rid of wet and sticky leaves.

How long does a gutter cleaning take?

It depends on the size of your home and the type of debris. The amount of debris that has gathered in your gutters is another consideration. It should take between 60-90 minutes to clean a smaller home. If there’s a lot of debris, a larger home could take 2-3 hours.

Does the team step on the roof when cleaning gutters?

The gutter cleaning professionals won’t step on your roof if it’s in poor condition. They may need to step on it when there’s more debris stuck on the roof. Make sure to inform the cleaning team that you don’t want them stepping on your roof. The Ground Guys clean your gutters from the ladder, but it may take a bit longer.

The Grounds Guys Review: Our Take

The Grounds Guys promise to offer prompt scheduling. Clients set an appointment that suits their schedule. Hiring the gutter cleaning team isn’t cumbersome, and homeowners get superb results.

Its 180+ franchise locations give the brand comprehensive coverage. The home improvement company is reputable, affordable, and has many positive reviews.