Men in Kilts Gutter Cleaning Review 

Men In Kilts is a notable gutter cleaning company. Gutter cleaning is the most suitable option against clogging. Clogging leads to the malfunctioning of the gutter system. Professional maintenance makes it easy to avoid gutter repair and replacement costs.

Before hiring Men In Kilts to clean your gutters, it’s best to do a background check. It helps to know if the company is credible, competent, and available in your area.

Men In Kilts at a Glance

Men In Kilts at a Glance

Men In Kilts clean commercial and residential gutters like other worthy brands. The franchises also offer exterior washing, window cleaning, and snow removal.

Men In Kilts has franchises in the U.S. and Canada. The brand’s pressure-washing service helps end mold or mildew growth from gutters. It’s also ideal for removing rust stains.

If you don’t have the right snow removal tools, hiring Men In Kilts would suffice. The team uses the most reliable snow removal techniques. Men In Kilts has an innovation team to help improve its service delivery.

Men In Kilts Pros & Cons


  • Multiple locations
  • Real-time progress notifications
  • Professional-grade equipment
  • Trained, insured professionals


  • No fixed pricing

Why Consider Its Gutter Cleaning Services?

Men In Kilts adheres to high industry standards. The team of professionals delivers exceptional results at competitive rates. Their signature kilts promote a sense of teamwork.

The home improvement service ensures its technicians use professional-grade equipment. They use biodegradable cleaning solutions that don’t corrode your gutters. Men In Kilts promises not to ruin your home while cleaning your gutters.

Unlike some of its competitors, Men In Kilts has many franchises. They’re more accessible to homeowners looking for regular gutter cleaning services. There’s a map view on the brand’s website to locate the nearest franchise.

How Men In Kilts Works

The first step is to schedule an in-home inspection. It helps the team assess your gutters and advice on a suitable remedy. Men In Kilts also furnishes the homeowner with a free estimate.

A team of cleaners will come and clean your gutters once you book the service. You can schedule your free estimate online via the website. You need to enter your zip code to locate the nearest franchise.

Homeowners don’t pay for the in-home assessment. You could negotiate for a discount during the inspection if the gutter cleaning task isn’t labor-intensive. Regardless of the property type, the Men In Kilts team adheres to strict safety standards.

Gutter Cleaning

Men In Kilts lets homeowners schedule routine gutter cleaning. The brand uses ultra-modern gutter vacuums to remove debris clogging your gutter system.

The gutter cleaning service takes a few minutes to complete. Gutter cleaning by Men In Kilts guarantees the free flow of rainwater. It helps avoid leaks and damage to your home’s foundation. Men In Kilts also gets rid of areas that could harbor pests.

The team promises to leave your gutters in the best possible shape. Men In Kilts uses high-definition gutter cameras to check for debris left after cleaning. The gutter cleaning experts use the best techniques to deliver optimal results.

Before cleaning takes place, the technicians will inspect your home’s exterior. It helps assess the soil levels and access points. They’ll clean the downspouts section by section using manual techniques.

Snow Removal

The team uses snow blowers and hand shovels to remove snow from your gutters. Before an in-home inspection, you’ll make a call to discuss essential needs. The professionals at Men In Kilts will visit your home to assess the intensity of the snow removal task.

Homeowners schedule routine maintenance after each snowfall to keep their gutters safe. Investing in professional snow removal saves time and helps avoid common accidents.

You’ll also get updates before the appointment and upon completion. The team conducts a post-service walk-through to ensure that the service meets industry standards.

Men In Kilts Review: Customer Support

The team of technicians at Men In Kilts have a professional attitude towards their work. Homeowners can contact their local franchise at (888) 292-1176 for a free estimate. Men In Kilts has a plaid promise that guarantees customer satisfaction.

If dissatisfied with any gutter service, you can raise a claim within 48 hours. Men In Kilts will re-clean your gutters at no extra cost. It’s one more reason why a significant number of customer reviews are positive.

Men In Kilts Review: Our Take

Men In Kilts is reputable for its high standards when offering gutter cleaning services. There’s room for negotiation if you’re looking for services besides gutter cleaning. Plus, the company is best known for heavy-duty cleaning using top-of-the-range tools.

The Men In Kilts team is dedicated to giving customers a remarkable customer experience. Homeowners enjoy clear communication with a team that maintains a professional attitude.